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Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2021

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The uncertainty of life is a predicament that has shaked humanity since the beginning of time. Worrying about the future, relationships, employment, and even health can often leave us run down and unable to cope with day to day life. To ease this uncertainty, humans have often turned to psychics in hopes of gaining advice or being forewarned of events to come.

One of the most popular methods of providing this form of spiritual service is through the use of tarot cards. Tarot Card Readings have been utilized for hundreds of years with a great degree of success. With the growth of technology, Tarot Card Readings have evolved from face to face sessions to online occurrences that can be conducted over the phone or via chat messages.

As Tarot Card Reading methods have increased, so has the number of sites offering this service. This article seeks to identify and examine the best Tarot Card Reading sites to make the search for peace of mind a little bit easier.

Top 3 Summary

  1. Kasamba – Editor’s Choice
  2. Keen – Best Site For New Users
  3. Mysticsense – Best Customer Service Availability

With our straightforward analysis we have been able to eliminate questionable sites and stick with only the most trusted. Our goal of this article is to highlight the pros and cons of each service so that you can make an informed decision about which is better suited for your needs.

Kasamba – Editor’s Choice

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  • Best Match Guarantee
  • Low average rates
  • 188 Tarot Reading advisors available
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Mobile app available


  • Free minutes are only available after entering billing information

Founded in 1999, Kasamba boasts over twenty years in the psychic service. In this time, the company has amassed more than 3 million visitors to its site.

Signing up for a new account is quick and easy. Users can either complete a three-layered registration form or sign up using a pre-existing Google or Apple account.

The loading page of the site displays the profiles of well-rated psychics. The small blurbs provide information on the psychic’s area of expertise, work rates, and overall customer reviews ratings.

The easy to locate and use navigation tool at the top of the page directs the user to the site’s Tarot Readings section. Kasamba claims to employ 188 Tarot Reading Advisors, all of whom can be found by scrolling through the Tarot Reading page. Selecting an advisor from this main page will display a drop-down menu where the user can find in-depth information about the advisor. To help clients choose an advisor who will work for them, personalized customer reviews are also available on the left of the page, along with the advisor’s rating and the number of customer reviews available.

Clients looking for practitioners of other card reading services can choose between the two subcategories provided by Kasamba. These categories are:

  1. Angel Card Reading – This category hosts 51 advisors for clients to choose from.
  2. Cartomancy – There are 40 advisors on Kasamba who claim Cartomancy as an area of expertise.

Users can communicate with advisors through two methods:

  • Chat
  • Phone Calls

The rates provided by the advisors vary from as little as $1.69 per minute to $25.50 per minute. And with advisors available 24/7, these low prices only add to the desirability of a Kasamba membership.

The low rates provided by the advisors is further lowered by the 15% discount that Kasamba is currently offering to its members. New members can also gain 70% off their first session as an enticing reward for using the site.

After creating a selection of advisors to try, users can take advantage of Kasamba’s Best Match Guarantee. In simple terms, the guarantee offers users a chance to try advisors for three free minutes per advisor.

Kasamba has noted that finding the perfect advisor can sometimes be quite tricky, and as such, the company also offers clients a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the Tarot Card Reading you have obtained, you have the option of contacting customer service and requesting a refund that the company will honour.

Kasamba has also created a mobile app for users who wish to obtain their readings while moving. This app is entirely free and is compatible with both IOS and Android systems.

With such low rates, new member rewards and numerous opportunities to find the best Tarot Reading advisor for you, it is no wonder that Kasamba has found a place as our Editor’s Choice on this list.

Learn more at Kasamba.com

Keen – Best For New Users

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  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Three free minutes
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Slightly more expensive than the other sites on our list

Created in 1999, Keen is a psychic website geared towards helping individuals find clarity. The site accomplishes this goal by providing several spiritual advice categories, including:

  • Tarot Reading
  • Psychic Readings
  • Spiritual Advice
  • Financial Outlook

These are only four of the more than twenty services that the company provides. To date, Keen has facilitated more than 30 million sessions with users, a number that continues to grow as new users join the site.

Signing up to Keen requires only an email address and a password. New users are given the chance of a special offer that is highlighted in their notifications. To help members choose the correct advisor, Keen allows new members to use three free minutes to interact with their chosen advisor.

Keen offers a unique feature in its library of videos aimed to help new members during their navigation of the site and their interaction with the advisors. By clicking on ‘All Categories’ at the top of the page and scrolling down, members will find videos that include:

  • What To Do After The Reading
  • When To Ask A Specific Question
  • Do’s & Don’ts Of Psychic Readings

This feature is just one of the many ways in which Keen sets itself apart from its competitors.

Advisor’s profiles are displayed in blurbs that indicate their overall rating, number of readings, number of reviews and the year in which they became an advisor. Clicking on a profile allows users to gain additional information on an advisor. This information includes specialities, languages, approach to topics and background information.

Customer satisfaction is a significant point for Keen as the site boasts a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers who are not satisfied with their experience are advised to contact Keen directly for a refund.

The process of contacting customer service on Keen is another advantage for the site. Users can find answers to their question using the web-based contact form or phoning Keen’s customer support using the numbers available on the site. Keen’s customer support has ensured that all matters are dealt with promptly and efficiently over the past twenty years of service, gaining good reviews from satisfied customers.

While Keen does not offer many promotional opportunities for clients to try their service, their approach to new customers more than makes for this slight. The information provided on each page and their tip videos and customer support makes Keen one of the best sites for new users wishing to experience Tarot Reading.

Learn more at Keen.com

Myticsense – Best Customer Service Availability

M4_EDH_210322_ Tarot


  • 24/7 customer service availability
  • Five free minutes for new users
  • Low, competitive rates
  • Several communication methods


  • No mobile app

Founded in 2020, Mysticsense is the youngest Tarot Card Reading site on our list. Despite its age, Mysticsense has gone over and beyond to suit clients’ needs and soothe their worries.

Registering with Mysticsense requires a limited amount of information, including a client’s name and birth date. After inputting the four-digit verification number, new members are directed to the home page. To utilize Mysticsense’ services, users must deposit an amount ranging from $10.00 to $200.00 using a debit card or PayPal. There is also the option of using a promo code to pay for the initial deposit.

As a reward, new members are allocated five free minutes that can be used to test the compatibility of any advisor that catches their eye.

Mysticsense offers a wide variety of spiritual services. These include:

  • Tarot
  • Chakras
  • Crystal ball
  • Counselling

To list four of the more than fifteen tools used by the advisors on the site.

Navigating the site is a simple process. A drop-down menu on the left of the main page allows users to choose from several options such as:

  • Status
  • Specialities
  • Tools
  • Reading Styles

Unlike other psychic advisor sites, Mysticsense does not have specific categories that Tarot Card Reading can be found under. To differentiate advisors who use Tarots, members simply need to select this option in the tool menu.

Mysticsense offers clients the option of choosing from over 200 advisors with expertise in Tarot Reading. Each advisor has a blurb that displays the number of recent reviews, speciality, rate and communication methods. Advisor blurbs will also indicate whether they are available using the circle icon, which will turn green if the advisor is open for a new session.

As expected, most advisors can be contacted by phone or via the chat service. However, a unique feature of Mysticsense is its allowance and availability of advisors who are willing to conduct sessions via video calls. This method provides a level of personalization not often seen on online Tarot Card Reading sites.

Mysticsense also allows for low advisor rates in addition to various communication levels, with the lowest ranging from only $0.99 per minute. At present, the highest price for a Tarot Card Reading is $10.00 per minute, much lower than the rates usually offered. These rates will often vary depending on the method of communication chosen by the client.

In addition to advisors, Mysticsense provides new and existing members with information on Tarot Cards and how they work in a valuable document that can be found at the bottom of the page under articles.

Despite its recent creation, Mysticsense does not have a mobile app. But the site can be accessed using mobile phones and tablets as it works with both IOS and Android systems. Meaning that the site can still be accessed despite the lack of an app while customers are moving.

Learn more at Mysticsense.com

What Is Tarot Card Reading And How Does It Work?

Tarot Card Reading is a form of Cartomancy. Practicers of Cartomancy use cards to predict future events or find answers to questions through divination. Of all the forms of Cartomancy that exists, Tarot Card Reading is the most popular in Western society.

The history of successful Tarot Card Reading stretches as far back as the 14th century. Still, it was not until the 17th century that using Tarot Cards became a regular part of Cartomancy.

Usually, a deck consists of seventy-eight cards, but specialized decks may contain more or fewer cards depending on the practitioner’s preferences. As with the cards’ quantity, markings and symbols will vary between decks as there is no standard or correct deck in existence.

Of these seventy-eight cards, twenty-two are assigned to the category of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana cards are typically used to provide answers about life-changing concepts, personal growth, and life lessons.

As they are believed to have a greater connection to the universe’s energies, it is often cautioned that these cards should only be used for significant readings. Reserving the Major Arcana cards for cases of extreme importance or life-altering decisions is advised. But as with many rules governing Tarot Card Reading, the final decision is up to the advisor.

The other fifty-six cards in the deck are part of the Minor Arcana. Within the Minor Arcana, there are four main decks. These are:

  • The Suit of Wands – This suit represents creativity, motivation, passions and energy. This suit may also provide information about an individual’s ambitions and initiative.
  • The Suit of Pentacles -This suit is also known as the suit of coins. It represents financial matters, careers and the state of material possessions.
  • The Suit of Cups – This suit is heavily tied to the emotional aspects of life. Matters surrounding relationships, passionate discourse and even creativity can be linked to the Suit of Cups.
  • The Suit of Swords – As its symbol implies, this suit is often related to direct actions. The suit also covers elements of decision making, logic, knowledge and communication.

There are fourteen cards in each suit. Ten of these cards are numbered, while the other four are referred to as Court Cards. Court Cards are The Queen, King, Page and Knight.

A typical Tarot Card Reading session starts with the advisor formulating a question. This question depends entirely on what aspect of the client’s life they wish to gain information about.

Once the question is decided upon, the cards are shuffled and usually placed face down on a table or surface. The advisor will then pick the cards that call to them.

New advisors might need to check the meaning of the cards they have selected, but the most essential part of the session depends on the advisor’s interpretation of the cards’ meaning.

Tarot Readings that produce cards from the Minor Arcana are usually an indication that the matter at hand is temporary. This means that the issue is probably a day to day circumstance that can be quickly resolved with no lasting effect.

If, however, the cards selected are mainly that of the Major Arcana, this could indicate that the matter at hand is one of grave importance.

Some advisors practice using only the Major Arcana cards through either the Five Card Spread Method or the Circle of Eight spread.

What To Pay Attention To On Tarot Card Reading Sites?

While many reputable sites offer Tarot Card Reading services, some are looking to make money at their client’s expense. Spotting scams can be tricky for clients, but there are a few red flags that can let you know if your advisor is simply in the profession for the money.

1. Customer Reviews -One of the best ways to confirm your advisor’s authenticity is reading about their past clients’ experiences. If the site you are using does not have customer reviews for any of their advisors, this should be considered a red flag. Another factor to be considered are customer reviews that seem fake or over the top. Some scammers will create bogus accounts leaving only glowing reviews to try and make their business seem legitimate. As Tarot Reading deals with human emotions, it is almost impossible to gain only top-notch reviews without years in the service. Carefully scrutinize all the reviews you come across before you sign up for a service.

2. Advisor/Practitioner Performance – The interpretation of Tarot Cards Readings are incredibly subjective, and advisors are not omnipotent. They can and might make mistakes. However, if your advisor’s mistakes become noticeable and the information they provide conflicts with what you already know, caution should be exercised. Practitioners who claim to be 100% accurate should also be handled with scepticism.

3. Time Consumption -As many online Tarot Card Readings are billed per minute. You should look out for advisors who seem to deliberately waste time. Repeating the same message or typing extremely slowly are methods that scammers will use to extend your time and increase your bill. As a client, you have the right to end the session when you think it is appropriate, and if you have missed other red flags and experienced such an advisor, you should report their conduct as soon as possible.

Finding a genuine and honest advisor who can soothe your worries is one of the best feelings in the world. But you should never sacrifice your cash chasing a dream with an advisor who does not care about you or their craft.

Are Online Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

The question of whether or not a Tarot Reading is accurate depends solely on the client. The usual face-to-face medium through which the craft is performed may allow fraud Tarot Card readers a better chance at reading a client’s body language or picking up queues from clothing and behaviour.

Using online services increases the client’s anonymity. Clients may choose chat options or phone calls that leave the advisors with little to extrapolate information, making it easier to spot fraudulent practitioners.

However, the continuous growth of companies such as Kasamba, Keen and Mysticsence indicate that customers are satisfied and are willing to return for more readings.

In short, the accuracy of a Tarot Card Reading depends on the advisor’s authenticity and not the medium through which the session is taking place.

To gain an accurate online Tarot Card Reading, you must first find a genuine professional, such as those identified on this list.

What About Free Tarot Card Readings?

The accuracy of free Tarot Card Readings is somewhat subjective. Most free sites will provide the user with an option to shuffle a pre-selected number of cards. From this shuffle, the user is usually asked to select six cards that will be displayed on the screen.

Some sites use algorithms that will explain each card’s meaning to the user, leaving them with the opportunity to interpret the deck in whatever way they want to. In other cases, users are only presented with the cards they have selected, and any meaning is their responsibility to discover.

In such cases, clients who have had experience using tarot cards might find it easier to understand the message. However, this leaves novices at an extreme disadvantage as cards may have multiple meanings creating murky interpretations that may cause more harm than good.

There is also the matter of the card pre-selection. Oftentimes, advisors will indicate that certain cards appealed to them more than others. In an algorithm-selected deck, such a spiritual connection is lost to programming and the luck of the draw.

Another factor affected by using free sites is the deck in question. Depending on the reading’s focus, advisors may choose to use a Major and Minor Arcana mixture. Advisors might also select one deck over the other depending on whether the client wishes clarification or answers about a temporary or permanent situation. This option is erased by the computer’s choices meaning that the reading obtained could be useless to the client.

Some sites can provide a somewhat usable free tarot card reading, but these sites usually act as precursors to a paying site.

Difference Between Online And Offline Tarot Card Readings

The main differences between online and offline Tarot Card Readings surround the medium of communication and how it affects both the advisor and the client.

Offline Tarot Card Reading sessions will usually occur at the practitioner’s shop or place of residence. This set-up might be more comfortable for the practitioner, but it might leave new clients feeling uncertain due to the unfamiliar surroundings. Meeting face to face might also cause some clients to baulk as they might not be confident enough to admit that they need help from a stranger. Online Tarot Card Readings, on the other hand, offer a level of anonymity that could encourage clients to reach out without fear of judgement.

Online Tarot Card Readings often make it easier for clients to discuss potentially embarrassing matters, whether relating to relationships, health or work. The level of separation provided by the buffer of a computer or phone screen allows clients to address all issues with the confidence that their advisor does not know them personally. However, while established clients may also feel confident discussing such matters with their advisors in an offline setting, new clients might not share this level of confidence.

In short, the method of Tarot Card Reading chosen by a client should ensure that they feel comfortable and safe during a session. And the main differences in the online or offline method is entirely down to the client and practitioners’ interpretation of the session.


In conclusion, the safety and reassurance gained from Tarot Card Readings should always be considered, especially in trying times. The ability to conduct sessions online from the security of your own home is just one of the advantages that such a service offers. Promotional offers and hundreds of advisors to choose from on thousands of sites might make the task of finding a suitable online Tarot Card Reading seem complicated. But, by using our list, this process should only take a few minutes in exchange for your peace of mind.

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