Diabetes Freedom Reviews – Negative Side Effects or No User Complaints?

Diabetes Freedom is a digital package that claims to eradicate type 2 diabetes within weeks.

By following the treatment program in Diabetes Freedom, you can purportedly restart your pancreas, lose weight, and discover meal-timing strategies that eradicate type 2 diabetes, among other benefits.

Does Diabetes Freedom really reverse type 2 diabetes? Or is it yet another diabetes supplement scam backed by limited research? Please keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Diabetes Freedom and how it works.

What is Diabetes Freedom?

Diabetes Freedom is a treatment program sold exclusively online through DiabetesFreedom.org. You can buy the program as a digital package or physical package. The program claims to eradicate your diabetes within weeks, allowing you to resume living a normal life.

In exchange for $37, you receive a video course and PDF manual explaining how to eradicate type 2 diabetes. By following the recommended steps and strategies, you can purportedly eliminate type 2 diabetes from your life.

The program was created by a man named George Reilly. George once had type 2 diabetes that was so bad; he nearly entered a diabetic coma from which he would never recover. George was taken to a hospital after his last incident. Doctors told him he would die if he did not make changes to his life.

Today, George wants to share his successful treatment program with the world in the form of Diabetes Freedom. By following the Diabetes Freedom protocol, people with diabetes worldwide can reverse and eradicate type 2 diabetes.

Obviously, there’s no known cure for type 2 diabetes. It would help if you were skeptical when someone claims otherwise. Studies show that losing weight, following a healthy diet, and exercising can help you manage symptoms of diabetes. However, there’s no way to cure diabetes once you have been diagnosed with the condition. You’ll always have diabetes.

Let’s take a closer look at how Diabetes Freedom works – and how it claims to reverse and eradicate your type 2 diabetes.

Who Created Diabetes Freedom?

George Reilly and James Freeman created diabetes Freedom.

A few years ago, George experienced a severe medical incident. He was taken to hospital, where doctors told George’s wife that he was in a severe diabetic coma. George had ignored his diabetes for too long, and he was now suffering the consequences.

Doctors told George’s wife they needed to amputate his leg immediately.

Two years later, George claims he is free of all symptoms of type 2 diabetes. He stopped taking his type 2 diabetes medication, and his blood sugar levels stay in a normal, healthy range regardless of what he eats.

George claims he had diabetes for 10 years. The condition made him a slave to his medication. In addition, it emptied his bank account.

Eventually, George became resistant to the drugs prescribed by his doctor to manage diabetes. Even though he kept taking the medication, his body stopped responding. This struggle eventually caused George to enter a coma for two days. Doctors never thought he’d wake up from the coma.

George claims doctors never had to amputate his leg. Instead, George solved his diabetes using natural therapies.

George became disillusioned with modern medicine and his doctor’s advice for diabetes. So he stopped following this advice, researching natural cures for diabetes instead.

George claims he completely reversed his type 2 diabetes using natural therapies to make a long story short. By ignoring his doctor’s advice, following a natural treatment protocol, and implementing lifestyle changes he researched online, George eliminated all symptoms of his condition and reversed type 2 diabetes.

Today, George wants to share his unique treatment program with the world in the form of Diabetes Freedom. Anyone can buy Diabetes Freedom online today to purportedly enjoy similar benefits.

How Does Diabetes Freedom Work?

Diabetes Freedom claims you don’t need insulin, metformin, or doctor-prescribed treatments to manage your type 2 diabetes. Instead, all you need are natural strategies, diet and lifestyle changes, and other habits you can start implementing today.

After suffering from diabetes for 10 years, George claims he implemented these lifestyle changes and experienced rapid results. George nearly died from a diabetic coma, but he quickly reversed his condition using the therapies in Diabetes Freedom.

Doctors typically recommend losing weight, eating right, and timing meals to help manage symptoms of diabetes. George’s system is based on a similar concept.

The three-step protocol includes:

Step 1) The Pancreas Restart Nutrition Plan: In this plan, George teaches you the specific foods to eat to restart your pancreas’s insulin production. When you have diabetes, your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin-like a healthy pancreas should. As a result, it doesn’t respond to high blood sugar levels, which causes your blood sugar levels to spike. George claims that eating specific foods, taking certain supplements, and adding basic ingredients to your diet can restart your pancreas.

Step 2) The Brown Fat Boosting Blueprint: Losing weight can help you manage symptoms of diabetes. Most doctors recommend losing weight to help manage your type 2 diabetes. In this phase of the program, George explains how to burn brown fat that is particularly problematic for people with diabetes. This brown fat is stubborn and difficult to lose.

Step 3) Meal-Timing Strategies that Eradicate Diabetes Type 2: By timing meals correctly, you can purportedly eradicate type 2 diabetes, according to George. Eating meals at the right times of day, and avoiding foods at other times of day, can help you eradicate type 2 diabetes. As a person with diabetes, your blood sugar fluctuates throughout the day. Meal-timing strategies can help you manage your blood sugar more efficiently, helping you avoid spikes and valleys.

By following these three steps, you can purportedly eradicate type 2 diabetes from your life – just like George.


What is the Green Veggie Causing Type 2 Diabetes in Millions?

As part of a 2021 promotion, George and the Diabetes Freedom team have launched a sales page warning about a dangerous green vegetable.

This green vegetable has purportedly caused type 2 diabetes in “millions” of people. It’s a dangerous vegetable to eat if you’re pre-diabetic or at risk for diabetes, as it could cause the condition to develop.

This green vegetable is kale.

As WebMD explains, kale was a surprising addition to 2019’s “Dirty Dozen” list, published annually by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization focused on human health and the environment.

According to the EWG, more than 92% of kale samples tested had two or more pesticide residues. A single sample could have 18 different residues.

Other fruits and vegetables on the list included strawberries, spinach, nectarines, apples, and grapes.

The most frequently detected pesticide on kale was Dacthal, also known as DCPA. The EPA classifies Dacthal as a possible human carcinogen based on animal studies. That means it could cause cancer.

The EWG did not find that Dacthal or kale increased the risk of diabetes, nor did they suggest that kale has caused diabetes in millions of people. In fact, the organization found that the benefits of fruits and vegetables like kale outweigh the downsides, although they recommended choosing the cleanest possible sources of kale to avoid contamination.


Can You Really Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

Some studies have shown you can genuinely reverse type 2 diabetes. For example, in one breakthrough study, researchers found that following an extremely low-calorie diet for months could lead to significant weight loss, reversing type 2 diabetes in patients.

In this 2016 study published in Diabetes Care, researchers gathered people with type 2 diabetes. These people followed a very low-calorie diet for eight weeks, and researchers analyzed the effects after eight weeks and again after six months.

After eight weeks, researchers observed significant weight loss in the tested group. The average participant dropped from 98kg to 83.8kg after eight weeks of following the low-calorie diet.

After six months, that weight loss had remained stable. After six months, the average participant weighed around 84.7kg.

More importantly, researchers found that this weight loss led to a remission of diabetes symptoms:

“A robust and sustainable weight loss program achieved continuing remission of diabetes for at least 6 months in the 40% who responded to a VLCD [very low-calorie diet] by achieving fasting plasma glucose of <7 mmol/L. Thus, T2DM [type 2 diabetes mellitus] is a potentially reversible condition.”

Other studies have found similar results. By following a low-calorie diet and losing weight, you can kickstart insulin production in your pancreas and reverse certain symptoms of diabetes.

To be clear, a “very-low-calorie diet” does not mean swapping your lunch for a protein shake; instead, researchers typically use a 600 calorie to 1,000 calories per day diet, which is thousands of calories less than your body is accustomed to.

It’s important to note that there’s no known cure for diabetes. However, some people have been able to eliminate most symptoms of type 2 diabetes by following a low-calorie diet.

In Diabetes Freedom, George recommends a similar approach. By losing weight and timing your meals, you can potentially reverse type 2 diabetes.

What’s Included with Diabetes Freedom?

Diabetes Freedom includes everything you need to follow George’s recommended treatment program. It includes step-by-step instructions in video and text form. In addition, you get PDFs, digital videos, and other information to help you follow George’s treatment program.

Here’s what you get with each purchase:

Diabetes Freedom Main Manual: The main Diabetes Freedom manual covers the core philosophies of George’s protocol. It explains how George stopped taking his prescription diabetes medication, avoided a diabetic coma and amputation, and reversed his type 2 diabetes using natural strategies. In addition, the Main Manual includes tips, lifestyle strategies, dietary changes, and exercise moves you can start to implement today for real, long-lasting relief from diabetes.

Diabetes Freedom Quick Start Accelerator: The Diabetes Freedom Quick Start Accelerator helps you quickly start with the Diabetes Freedom program. If you are curious about the program but aren’t sure where to start, or if you don’t want to read the full text or watch all the videos, then the QuickStart Accelerator gives you a brief overview of the program and how it works.

Diabetes Freedom Video Course: The Diabetes Freedom video course features video lessons explaining the core tenets of the Diabetes Freedom protocol. You get step-by-step instructions in video form for meal timing tips, weight-loss strategies, and pancreas restarting nutrition strategies. If you’re a visual learner, then the Diabetes Freedom video course may be the right choice.

Diabetes Freedom Pricing

Diabetes Freedom is available in a physical package or digital package. The two packages are the same price, although you pay a small shipping fee for the physical package.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • Digital Package: $37
  • Digital + Physical Package: $37 + $9.97 Shipping

You can exclusively buy Diabetes Freedom online through DiabetesFreedom.org.


Diabetes Freedom Refund Policy

A 365-day refund policy backs diabetes Freedom. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 365 days of your original purchase date.

If you are unhappy with the effects of Diabetes Freedom, or if you did not reverse your type 2 diabetes within one year of following the protocol, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

Who Created Diabetes Freedom?

George Reilly and James Freeman created diabetes Freedom. Both appear to be pseudonyms, and there’s little information about either individual online.

George has diabetes who once fell into a nearly fatal diabetic coma because of his insulin resistance. He claims to have reversed his condition by losing weight, changing his diet, and timing his meals. Despite nearly dying of diabetes, George claims he’s free of diabetes symptoms two years later.

You can contact the makers of Diabetes Freedom via the following:

  • Email: support@diabetesfreedom.org

Final Word

Diabetes Freedom is a diabetes protocol that claims to reverse your type 2 diabetes by timing meals, changing your diet, and helping you lose weight. By following the protocol, you can purportedly avoid the most serious symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Some even stop taking their prescribed diabetes medication after following the Diabetes Freedom protocol.

The man who created Diabetes Freedom claims he reversed his type 2 diabetes after nearly dying from it. That man claims he no longer takes the diabetes medication prescribed by his doctor. For all intents and purposes, he’s free of diabetes.


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