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Free Psychic Reading Online: Accurate, Truthful Answers from Experienced Advisors

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free psychic reading usually refers to the technique through which people can channel their inner strength and create a strong bond with the inner self. The psychic readings can also serve as a mirror to their soul and help people express all the inner feelings and desires.

A free psychic reading online offers its assistance in many fields like tarot readings, horoscope reading, online readings, numerology, love and relationship reading, psychic medium. Since ancient times, psychic readings have been believed to exist in human society. Nevertheless, the current pandemic, as well as the ongoing development of digital technologies, have revolutionized the way people acquire psychic readings.

In the past, people had no choice but to drive farther distances to take advice from their fancied psychic reader, however, in the recent era, one can seamlessly relish free psychic reading online with a click of a finger and from the solace and convenience of their dwelling. Getting a free psychic reading has grown as a piece of cake in the preceding few years, as every major psychic reading medium has advanced to a cloud-based portal.

Therefore, a person can now readily look on the internet for his/her preferred free psychic reading site and browse through them. Meanwhile, the abundance of online psychic reading websites has made numerous individuals puzzled as to which psychic reading platform they should fancy in order to obtain precise and trustworthy free psychic readings.

As a result, to help people address this problem, given below are the best four free psychic reading online websites that have a firm reputation in the market and can be trusted for a realistic reading session.

Best Free Psychic Readings Services in 2021

Kasamba Internationally renowned for delivering genuine love psychic and relationship psychic readings, along with a 3-minute free psychic reading online and a 50 per cent discount for first-time customers.

California Psychics : Exceptionally well-suited for getting business, investment and wealth-related psychic readings. By using the promo code “ADD5”, individuals can enjoy the very first 5 minutes of free psychic reading, as well as all subsequent introductory reading sessions are only $1 per minute.

Keen Psychic – Another very trusted website for psychic reading online on all major life decisions. Keen Psychic offers the first 10 minutes of psychic online readings at just $2.00.

Psychic Source : Widely respected phone psychics reading website that consistently provides excellent economic and business-related answers as well as online tarot card readings. This site provides free psychic reading for the first three minutes of readings, as well as a 75 per cent discount on further sessions.

Kasamba Psychics- A Collection of Highly Certified and Trusted Readers



  • Introductory prices are reasonable, and people can save a lot of money through the use of numerous discounts provided.
  • There are numerous psychic expert alternatives to choose from to redress all diverse issues.
  • Reliable and discreet psychic reading available all around the world.
  • There is a 100 percent money-back guarantee to gain the trust of customers.


  • It is not possible to have a video appointment.

Kasamba psychics have an enviable and unrivalled reputation in the realm of psychic readings. This website has been in the free psychic reading business for the last 20 years and has preserved the same degree of performance and dependability during the whole period. Kasamba psychics have become so well-known it may be the first thing that springs to mind when people are looking for the most consistent and accurate psychic readings.

Each psychic specialist on the Kasamba Psychic reading website has a great deal of experience in delivering superior psychic reading services such as internet psychic readings, rune stone readings, palm readings, numerology, horoscope predictions, and a myriad of other free psychic reading services.

Kasamba is perhaps the leading free psychic reading online community, with a remarkable history of providing the most legitimate and exquisite love psychic readings. As a result, if people are experiencing issues and problems concerning love, marriage, or relationships, one should always enlist the help of Kasamba psychics, who can help people resolve all the love-related dilemmas.

This internet-based free psychic reading website is also acknowledged as one of the most economical services available on the web. It is because every Kasamba psychic professionals are mandated to maintain their per-minute fees inside the framework imposed by the Kasamba management.

A psychic reader’s per-minute charges start at $1 and could go up to $30, based on the type of service demanded, the methodology of reading opted, and the psychic reader’s intellectual ability. Kasamba always delights current and upcoming patrons by offering attractive discounts occasionally, in addition to the usual pricing. If a person is a new customer, then they will be provided with a 3-minute free psychic reading session along with a bonus 50 per cent discount on every reading afterwards.

Creating an account at Kasamba can be done in a few easy steps. All you need to do is to fill out an online form that will ask some basic questions such as mobile number, name, and mail address. After this, the Kasamba portal promptly connects users to the official site, where people may select a psychic reader of their individual preference and arrange a reading session with them.

The live psychics at Kasamba can be contacted via phone, skype, or email to get solutions to all the urgent demands and questions. To date, Kasamba Psychics has completed around four million spectacular psychic readings in the domains of love and relationships, as well as offers free psychic reading online.

They’ve also provided well over two million psychic readings online on issues pertaining to a person’s career or his future endeavors. Kasamba Psychics also has a separate feedback page where visitors can leave evaluations, scores, and remarks for every psychic reader they’ve worked with so that new members can decide which psychic expert is suitable for them before they literally receive psychic advice.

If people want to know what kind of service a particular psychic expert can provide, they can use these suggestions and evaluations to make a smart decision. Aside from that, these user reviews also assist you in determining which psychic reader you should explicitly select for your specific life questions.

Every psychic reader at Kasamba is adept at providing the solutions which the clients prefer. People from everywhere in the world have entrusted this Kasamba to provide them with valuable suggestions about how to live a more tranquil life.

Even when some basic limitations are taken into consideration, Kasamba is unquestionably the most trustworthy free psychic reading website available at the moment. All psychic readers at Kasamba provide a range of unique interpretive options which are not accessible anywhere else. Furthermore, you can acquire one of the most confidential and solitary readings without fretting about being recognized. As a result, it is strongly recommended that if you are seeking an accurate psychic reading, contact Kasamba psychics.

Click here to get the best psychic reading experience at Kasamba Psychics

California Psychics- Free Psychic Readings By Phone



  • The best place to get free psychic readings online about wealth and investments.
  • Amazing introductory offers for first time members along with a code ‘ADD5’ for added discount.
  • Affordable readings at just $1 per minute and the first five minutes free for new members.


  • Unlike other websites, patrons can not avail of a free session without entering the bank account details.

California Psychics was founded in the 1990s and is considered another illustrious name on the list of the most reputable and respectable free psychic reading online companies. California psychics are one of the oldest free psychic reading online websites, having just marked their 20th year in the online reading industry and supporting people in making their lives more amusing and appeased since then.

The expert psychic readers at California psychics rarely fail to provide their clients with the most thorough and legit information that they have been searching for their entire lives. The explanations given by experts at California psychics are extremely well-defined and precise in regards to the issues presented by the population. The answers provided by psychic readers have the potential to provide the individuals with specific guidance for their lifestyles and further support them in walking that path with courage.

This exceptional online free psychic reading website is well-known for delivering excellent business, economic and investment-related psychic insights and digital tarot card readings. Along with a good quality psychic reading, the prices at California Psychic is very affordable and cost-effective. California Psychics charges $1.5 for a one-minute session and this price can go as high as $30 a minute.

In addition to this, there are many offers and discounts provided by California psychics which people can employ to their advantage. For example, there are certain promo codes given on the website which one can use to get discounts and cashback. The promo codes will also aid in providing different special benefits. The pricing strategy at California Psychics comprises three levels which are preferred, popular and premium.

Another reason for California’s psychic’s success is because of its unique psychic phone readings. The professionals in this department are so adept at this work that by simply hearing a person’s voice on the phone they can tell what problems a person is facing and what are the solutions required. If the users do not wish to receive a telephone psychic reading, there is no need to be alarmed because the California Psychic website also allows free psychic readings by phone, message chat, email, and high-quality video call.

California psychics always make a conscious effort to recruit the best psychic readers in the market, and right before they do, the recruiting team at this website meticulously checks and screens the psychic readers by conducting a battery of difficult tests to ensure that customers receive the most relevant and credible psychic reading experience possible.

It is not difficult to book an appointment at California Psychics. All a patron has to do is go to the website and sign in or create a new account. Also, California Psychics have created a mobile application that also works on android as well as IOS devices. However, if people require some assistance or do not consider registering online feasible then there is an option to contact the toll-free number provided on the website to talk to the staff.

When the call gets connected, someone from the client support team will converse with the person on the other end instantly. The client support staff at California Psychic is very experienced and will ensure that the patron journey at California psychic remains without any discomforts.

>> Visit California Psychics Get Accurate & Direct Answers

Keen Psychics- Best For Newcomers In The Field Of Psychic Reading



  • There are about 1600 psychic readers to pick from for acquiring remarkable readings on any issue that patrons are facing in life.
  • Inexpensive rates for initial readings with charges as low as $2 per 10 minutes.
  • Psychic readings are strictly anonymous and confidential.


  • Rather than delivering specific and to-the-point psychic readings, live psychics include more generic psychic readings that cannot prove to be beneficial.

Keen Psychics has become a leading free psychic reading online platform with a powerful position in the psychic reading market. Since its inception twenty years ago, this psychic reading website has persisted in the free psychic reading online market. Keen psychic is also well-known for providing the customers unique guidance for crucial career aspirations. To book an appointment with Keen all the patrons have to do is to make an online account by giving some basic details like name, mobile number and email address.

After successfully creating a unique user account, you can then select a psychic reader of your choice and can converse with them through call or contact the chat psychics available if you want to have an offline mode of conversation. With over a billion successful psychic interpretations throughout the years, it’s hard to make a case that there’s anything amiss with Keen Psychics’ psychic reading service.

Free psychic readings, spiritual explanations, and online tarot card readings are all accessible at Keen Psychics. The expert psychic readers at Keen psychics focus on every aspect of the concerns presented by the people, as well as any particular life problems that they may be pondering or anxious about.

Keen Psychics provide psychic interpretations by top-class specialists, and that too at very considerable rates. According to the Keen Psychics website’s news screen, the per-minute cost for a psychic reading session at this website starts at $1.00 and can increase to $5 for a single minute depending on various factors. In addition, Keen also offers some amazing introductory offers, such as a 10-minute psychic reading for new clients for only $2.00.

Keen Psychics’ payment gateway welcomes all major forms of payment, like PayPal and debit and credit card payments from every financial institution. When it comes to evaluations, Keen Psychics is among the most renowned and well-liked online psychic reading websites, boasting millions of clients globally.

Another thing that separates Keen Psychics from other identical websites is their strict and demanding hiring process. When it comes to recruiting psychic professionals, the staff at Keen Psychics is very strict and uncompromising, believing that they should only hire world-class psychic readers who are the most creative and knowledgeable in their profession, and in whom their customers can intuitively put their confidence.

Keen not only focuses on hiring world-class psychics but also makes sure to conduct a background check of the professionals hired by them so that the person hired does not steal the important client data to sell it to rivals or other companies. Therefore, one can be at peace that a Keen every reading conducted is classified and strict secrecy is maintained so that customers privacy be maintained.

Despite a few minor imperfections, Keen is by far the most well-known free psychic reading website that motivates individuals to attain unprecedented levels in their life. Apart from this, Keen also possesses an excellent support staff which encourages their clients to attain new heights in their life with their consistent support and guidance that can readily transform their life.

>> Visit Keen Gifted Psychics – Get clear insight what your future holds

Psychic Source- Best Site For Acquiring Free Psychic Reading With Free Minutes



  • A reputed website with more than 30 years of experience.
  • An excellent control system for quick access
  • Readings are conducted in a private and confidential environment.


  • The charges may be a little bit expensive.

Psychic Source is the most established and widely used free psychic reading website in the market and has been around for almost 30 years. The psychic source is also famous for its chat psychics who are very trustworthy and are very reputable as psychics who can help you with a solution to any problem.

Psychic Source has a vast group of specialized psychic readers who are masters in their fields. The psychic gurus at Psych Source are always geared up with skills and psychic techniques to help their clients handle even the most complicated challenges.

If a person is searching for some genuine insight into your love or marriage life, then they should use Psychic Source without delay, as this website is well-positioned to provide the highest-quality free psychic love reading. Through the guidance provided by these love psychic readers and love tarot readings, one can easily discover why they are experiencing issues in their love life and what they need to do to better the situation and build a positive relationship with their partner.

Psychic source selects its professionals and experts through a very rigorous training program that tests their experience, field of expertise and also a background check to ensure that the person is legit and won’t pose a threat to the client’s privacy. Also, the psychics have to follow a strict set of rules made by the company and put up affordable and fair prices.

The one-minute charges for a psychic reading on Psychic source commence at $2, and customers also have the option of taking benefit of some of the fantastic introductory offers, such as psychic phone readings for 10 minutes for just $2.00, as well as a 75% discount on all sorts of psychic interpretations.

When the complimentary minutes are over, Psychic Source provides an option of cancelling the reading session or continuing with the readings. If patrons want to continue, they can do so easily by choosing a payment method, such as using a PayPal account or a debit or credit card from any bank. If you are still dissatisfied with their psychic reading, there is also a provision to lodge a complaint with the customer service department and ask for a refund.

Psychic Source is an international free psychic reading website that is well-known for its accuracy in predictions and discoveries. It boasts the most reliable psychics from all areas who help people at every step of the journey, as well as searching for a way out of the difficulties in their lives. The motto of Psychic Source is to assure that every encounter will make sure the client remains satisfied and that their readings provide all the answers.

The psychics that are selected for this platform go through a rigorous selection process. Furthermore, all data supplied by customers is end-to-end encoded, and readers further safeguard their clients from any violation of confidentiality. As a result, you may take comfort in knowing that the readings are fully discrete and that you can comfortably explore all aspects of your lives at Psychic Source.

Up to this point, Psychic Source’s ratings and evaluations have been overwhelmingly favorable and spiritual. As a result, there is no room for hesitation, and you may choose this platform with confidence, knowing that they will gain some wonderful insights into their life.

>> Visit Psychic Source – Get Accurate, Truthful Answers from Experienced Advisors

What Are The Perks Of Receiving Psychic Readings Over The Internet?

Obtaining a free psychic reading can mean a tremendous amount of perks for you. For example, the biggest difference of a free psychic reading online is that you do not have to visit there physically as you can attend the reading session from the comfort of your home and the readings can be attended from anywhere and at any time of your choosing.

In addition to this, all free psychic reading websites contain a plethora of features and choices to pick from which the offline psychic readings do not have. Having a free psychic reading online also has another advantage which is that you can look through many reviews given by the previous clients and can make the decision whether to go with the particular website. Also, this mode of reading lets you browse through a large number of psychics and choose the one which suits you the best.

Does A Free Psychic Reading Online Guarantee The Same Accuracy As Local Psychics?

The authenticity of an online free psychic reading website is heavily debated by individuals all over the globe. The primary cause of concern is that people believe an online psychic reader might be a scammer or that they might swindle them out of their hard-earned money. However, this is the biggest myth that many people hold in their minds.

Free psychic reading online has faced tremendous growth, especially in the present times and has become a trustworthy way of getting psychic readings. Nowadays, online psychics are preferred over stereotypical offline psychics. Every major free psychic reading website has made it their motto to make sure that the professionals which they hire are legit and have all the right sets of skills and education required in the profession.

Apart from this, every psychic expert at these big companies has to go through a meticulous screening and various examinations conducted by the different online reviewing websites. The main work of these reviewing companies is to completely examine and give a proper evaluation of all the free psychic reading websites present on the internet. To verify the legitimacy of an online psychic reading site, the experienced team at these online review platforms thoroughly investigates even the tiniest information.

Therefore, to summarize, if people are opting to go for an online free psychic reading website they are more guarded against frauds in comparison to a local psychic reader. If you are still not convinced about the online websites then you can go and check the reviews or can contact a free psychic reading online website and ask them to provide a free trial session.

You must also understand that, just like with any company today, psychic reading websites are no different. In this modern era, technology has made significant advancements and everything is now easily obtainable through the internet. However, if people are looking for legit and authentic free psychic reading online, they must not choose the websites which present the information solely on the basis of algorithms.

The sites work on an algorithm that consists of an automatic review system and provides fake reviews to mislead the crowd. Therefore, one must always avoid such sites and do thorough research before choosing any website.

What Are The Most Important Things To Consider When Selecting A Free Psychic Reading Online Platform?

Although the number of online free psychic reading platforms has exploded, as has the number of psychic readers, customers are finding it harder and harder to identify and select the right reader which suits their needs. However, this problem can be dealt with if you consider some factors while looking for a psychic. The first thing one should look for is a strong bond or connection. If a person feels a strong bond with the psychic then the reading will be smooth without any problems.

  • Always be intuitive and be ready with your questions

    Due to the fact that psychic readers on online free psychic reading platforms charge by the minute. Also, don’t forget to always go prepared with a series of questions to ask the psychic reader. Apart from this, not every psychic reader is proficient in all the areas as everyone has their strong and weak points. So it is advisable to question the reader beforehand about what area he or she specializes in which will make your reading session more informative.

    For instance, if individuals are facing some difficulties in their love life then they must discuss this issue with a psychic who is an expert in love and relationship reading. But if people do not ask questions and go to a psychic who is adept at giving investment advice then it can lead to wrong miscommunication resulting in a failed reading.

  • Read and analyze the reviews left by previous clients

    Just like any other normal business the free psychic reading website also offers the option where patrons can read the site’s reviews and listen to the opinion of previous clients. Thus, it has become a necessity to choose a website based on its previous reviews as a review or rating tells individuals about how successful a website is and how they can benefit from it.

    One can easily decipher former customer testimonials on the website of a specific psychic reading website, or they can just check detailed reviews of these sites on channels whose main objective is to analyses all available psychic reading platforms for customers to determine how credible a psychic reading platform is.

    However, people must keep in mind that a few negative reviews do not mean the website is bad or is not credible, because there may be several reasons for a company’s bad reviews. Maybe someone must have done it intentionally to thwart the reputation of the website. Therefore, it is always advised not to get distracted by these negative reviews and must always trust his/her own intuition.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, every human faces difficulties in their lives whether it be financial, business or relationship related. Luckily, the free psychic reading websites mentioned above in the article can help in finding solutions to all your problems. The websites reviewed above are not just credible but also are very inexpensive. Also, these websites are completely transparent as each website consists of a database that stores information of every psychic which helps you choose the ideal psychic for you.

Therefore, one should not hesitate to give these websites a try and take the benefits offered by them. If you choose to take the service and are not satisfied with the reading then do not feel down. The clients who are unsatisfied with the websites can contact a toll-free number that will connect you to the customer care staff and from them, you can talk it through or just ask for a refund.

So, it can be concluded from the above article that online psychic readings can be a wonderful experience if conducted precisely. A credible free psychic reading website can also help you by providing a seamless and flawless user interface that is created solely to help in living a solitary and peaceful life.

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