Is your vehicle ready for your local roadtrip?

Is your vehicle ready for your local roadtrip?

Get your wheels roadtrip-ready for your summer staycation

Everett’s Fast Eddies Tire Pros share what you need to know

Is your vehicle roadtrip-ready?

With travel largely on hold for now, the family roadtrip will be the star of summer staycations … good thing Washington has so many stellar destinations to discover!

Summer driving can be hard on your vehicle, even more so if you’re towing a boat or RV, and the last thing you want is a burst hose at the top of Snoqualmie Pass, or to overheat on the way to Washington’s wine country – avoidable mishaps can soon create challenges much bigger than a holiday hiccup.

So while regular vehicle maintenance is a must throughout the year, any roadtrip planning must include a pre-vacation inspection, emphasize the team at the family-owned Fast Eddie’s Tire & Automotive Repair in Everett.

  1. Summer driving means dust, dirt, bugs and – here in the Pacific Northwest – the occasional rainfall. It’s important to check wiper blades for wear – they typically need to be replaced every year or so – and top up washer fluid to keep your windshield clean and clear.
  2. Top up your vehicle’s transmission, brake and other fluids to prevent unwanted surprises interrupting your staycation adventures.
  3. Ensure your headlights, tail lights and indicators are working as they should so other drivers see you … and you see them.
  4. Check your battery before hitting the road to ensure you won’t run out of juice.
  5. Change your oil and oil filter to keep your engine humming, along with belts and hoses.
  6. Check your wheel alignment and ensure your tires are in good repair, with sufficient tread, and that they’re properly inflated.
  7. Make sure your AC is working properly. If it’s not blowing as cold as it should – or isn’t blowing cold air at all – you could have a leak or it may need recharging.

And don’t forget the gas savings regular maintenance offers: A properly tuned vehicle will also save gas – giving you more money for the holiday experiences you WANT to enjoy.

Serving Everett drivers for more than 40 years with a focus on honest, transparent service, the Fast Eddie’s family makes it easy for your family to get out and enjoy summer: their Road Trip Ready summer special is just $59.99 and includes checks of your vehicle’s air conditioning, alignment, brakes, battery, fluids, tire pressure, belts and hoses and lights; any repairs will be offered at 20 percent off.

For added peace of mind, Fast Eddie’s “digital shop” platform offers added transparency to the entire process: keeping you informed about what’s happening every step of the way, with pictures and video; providing easy access to records, with everything recorded digitally; and educational videos to show you what repair or maintenance procedures really looks like.

Visit Fast Eddie’s Tire & Automotive Repair at 8810 Evergreen Way in Everett or call 425-355-7110. For the digital route, visit online at or on Facebook!

Fast Eddie’s TirePro Automotive Repair in Everett will help ensure your summer roadtrip is memorable for the right reasons!

Fast Eddie’s TirePro Automotive Repair in Everett will help ensure your summer roadtrip is memorable for the right reasons!

Get your wheels roadtrip-ready for your summer staycation

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