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Keen Psychic Reading: Receive Answers and Intuitive Guidance

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With hundreds of psychic reading sites available online, it can be quite challenging to choose the best psychic reading online. Moreover, perusing the sites on a trial and error basis can be quite expensive for users.

Therefore, to make the psychic reading experience of users much more enjoyable and friendly, here is a detailed review of Keen Psychics, one of the oldest and most experienced online psychics available across the globe.

The First Look At Keen Psychics

Here is a quick glance at what this esteemed psychic reading website has to offer to more than 30 million users spread across the world.

What Users Like

  1. Excellent and highly coveted introductory offers and discounts.
  2. Wide range of psychic readers, services and specializations available.
  3. Expertise in the area of love life and relationships, career, money, family matters, find your clarity.

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What Users Do Not Like

  1. Inconsistency in guiding styles of different advisors and psychic readers.
  2. Increasing prices of the readings following completion of the first session.

Special Discounts Offered

Users can enjoy the first 3 minutes of the reading for free, followed by a subsidized and low rate of only $1.99 for 10 minutes. The deals and offers are available for new users on their first psychic reading online with Keen Psychics.

Bottom Line

People can face uncertainties and difficulties at every point in their lives. When it becomes impossible to find logical solutions, users often turn to psychic reading for a guide or a nudge in the right direction. While several sites are available online for the same services, Keen Psychics has certain advantages that place it on a pedestal that cannot be compared to other online psychics.

Although users often believe in misconceptions about online psychic readings, particularly about the experience offered by offline readings, on the contrary, Keen Psychics readings provide the entire experience of the reading without any compromise.

From the overall feel to the accuracy and reliability, Keen Psychics does not fall short.

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How To Use Keen Psychics


One of the reasons for the popularity of Keen Psychics skyrocketing is the easy user interface and the simple layout of the website. Even the newest users find it easy to navigate through the website. Signing up with the site is quick. Users can either link their Google or Apple accounts or register with the site.

To complete the registration, users only need to fill in basic personal information, and the account is then created. After this, they are free to peruse the site for the incredible array of psychic readings, readers, tarot card readings and several other services offered by the site.

New users may feel overwhelmed when they first step into the world of online psychics. To make their lives easier, Keen Psychics offers videos put together by their customer support team, which elaborates about the process of availing of psychic readings in a step by step manner.

Users can first select the option for psychic readers. Here, they can go through the detailed profiles of each reader along with ratings and Keen Psychic reviews left by other users. They can select their reader and even shortlist the type of psychic reading, the style of the reading, the tools and techniques to be used and several other factors.

Once this is done, they can click on the option of set appointment. Here the user will be asked which mode of reading they prefer. Keen offers four modes for psychic readings online, namely, email, live chat, phone call and video call.

All the psychic readers and advisors are not available on a video call, which is the most preferred mode of online psychic readings. The user has to thoroughly check the profile of advisors and readers so that their preferences match with the services offered by those specific readers.

Once they select the mode of the reading, they will be directed to a page where they can fix their preferred date, time and language of the session. Since Keen Psychic readings are available in various languages, users across the world can overcome the barriers of language and enjoy these sessions.

After setting up the various aspects of the reading, the appointment is fixed. The users can pay before the session, or they can pay after the completion of their online psychic reading. They may also be requested to leave behind comments, ratings and reviews after their session to help the newer users.

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Why Should Users Opt For Keen Psychics For Their Online Psychic Readings?

There is an abundance of psychic reading websites available on the internet. Users are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to this service. But how can users make a wise decision when choosing their preferred website.

The smartest way to do so would be to compare and contrast the advantages of each online psychic reading website. Not only does it guide users while making a selection, but it also helps highlight the outstanding features offered by the site.

Here are some of the reasons why users should opt for Keen Psychic readings.

  • Attractive prices

    Psychic readings are expensive. While the prices may differ, each site calculates the total cost by adding the charges per minute. If the user has several questions, the session might run for even 20 minutes, which would be quite a devastating blow to their wallets.

    Keen Psychics offers several attractive deals and discounts to its new users. In addition to enjoying 3 minutes of the reading for free, new users can also avail themselves of 10 minutes of the remaining session for only $1.99. This is an excellent offer since some sites charge as high as $1.00 for just 1 minute.

    Users receive a notification at the end of their three free minutes, at which point they can decide to continue with the session after paying the charges or end the call with the reader. Users are not scammed of their money by wrongly continuing the session against their wishes.

    Additionally, the site offers several package options to its users. These can be availed on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis and come with added benefits such as fewer waiting times, higher preferences for video call readings with the top-rated Keen psychics and many more. Their price list makes them one of the most coveted sites across the internet.

  • Wide range of services

    Keen Psychic is one of the most versatile online psychic reading sites. It has a wide variety of psychic readers, types of readings, tools and techniques for the reading, and even modes of the reading.

    Users are free to experiment with the different reading tones and styles and find one which is most suitable for them. Moreover, with a single package, users can enjoy all the varieties the site has to offer. If they are not happy or satisfied with one Keen psychic, they can always opt for another one.

    Owing to its array of services under one roof, Keen Psychic has made itself a household name among regular users of psychic readings. The site functions as a one-stop solution to all problems in life.

  • Expertise in certain areas

    Keen Psychics has repeatedly proven its abilities, which can be assessed by the positive ratings, reviews and comments left by older and newer users alike. However, over the 20 years of its services in the industry, the site has gained a reputation as one of the experts in the area of love life and relationships.

    The psychic readers at Keen have plenty of experience and expertise in this field and might be the user’s best option, especially if it involves problems such as uncertainties in relationships, marriage, pregnancy, improving and strengthening existing relationships with their partners and many more.

  • Excellent availability

    The psychic readers at Keen Psychics are available round the clock and on all days of the week. They continue to hold sessions even on holidays, making them perfect for those who are extremely busy and only find time on public holidays.

    Their 24/7 availability also makes it easier for people across the globe to enjoy their services, breaking past the boundaries of distance and time zones. The readers are also bilingual, allowing users from all races and countries to make the most of the Keen psychic readings.

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Types Of Psychic Readings Available At Keen Psychics

As stated before, the site offers several types of psychic readings under one roof. Users are thoroughly spoilt for choice and can easily experiment among the different types of readings before selecting their most preferred ones.

Here are some of the types of psychic readings offered at Keen Psychics.

  • Angel card readings

    A special deck of angel cards is used for this reading, which serves as the tool. The advisors usually receive answers from spiritual guides such as angels. The questions asked by the users may pertain to any subject ranging from education, career, finance, love life or relationships. The deck of cards is spread, and the reader picks the card, which calls to their intuition and perception the most.

  • Tarot card readings

    One of the most popular types of psychic reading, this reading is done by using a deck of 78 tarot cards, divided into different categories. Different types of tarot cards are used for different subjects, depending upon the requirements of the reader. This method is one of the most sought after and in-demand forms of psychic reading.

  • Dream interpretation

    This is another form of psychic reading which uses symbols instead of objects and tools. Once the user describes the dream, readers interpret certain aspects of the dream which stand out to them the most. They also help users understand whether the dream holds a significant meaning or is just a figment of their imagination.

  • Numerology readings

    Another popular form of psychic reading among users, numerology readings, make use of numbers to find answers. The date of birth and name of the user is utilized to find the strengths, weaknesses and potential areas of challenges for the user. It is quite similar to astrology in its workings.

  • Astrology readings

    Astrology uses the birth chart of individuals to check the location of planets and other celestial bodies at the time of their birth. This may point towards the weaknesses and strengths of the user and what the future holds for them. It can also answer specific questions about career, finances and other areas in life.

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How To Find The Best Readers On Keen Psychics

Keen Psychic readers are well-known for their diversity, expertise and experience. Each reader has certain features that set them apart from the others. In such a situation, how can users make their choice when it comes to selecting the readers?

The easiest way to do so would be to peruse the profile of the psychic readers thoroughly. These clearly highlight the experience of the reader, their area of expertise and how long they have worked with Keen Psychics. This gives users an idea if the reader deals with the particular subject they wish to broach.

Users can also check the ratings, reviews and comments left by other users. Other users’ testimonials give them an idea of how the reader conducts the reading and whether it matches the style the user is comfortable with.

Keen Psychics also has a section on its website called ‘Staff Picks’ where the staff at Keen rates the various psychic readers and often provides the outstanding features about each, which may be attractive for users.

How To Find A Psychic On Keen

The next question most users have is how they can find the relevant psychics on Keen. This is a relatively simple task. The site is so well-designed and with such an easy user interface that one just has to click on the option of psychic readers, and they get the options they are looking for.

At this point, they can select if they want a reading with or without tools, in a particular technique, for a specific subject and the mode of communication with the reader. Since all readers are not available on all modes, the choice may be somewhat limited for the users.

After making the above selections, they only need to click on set appointments, and they are all ready to undergo an online psychic reading with Keen Psychics! If the users have done some research beforehand or gone through the videos posted by the customer support team, they have a much less difficult time finding the appropriate psychic readers.

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How To Get A Free Reading With Keen Psychics

Many people believe in certain misconceptions when it comes to free online psychic readings. Myths always float around about such readings claiming that they are unreliable and do not give accurate results. The quality of the readings is always a subject of doubt among users.

However, those who have been in the field of online psychic readings would definitely beg to differ. Free readings do not work as a way just to bring in more users. They also advertise the skills and services offered by each site.

Users make the decision of continuing with the site or shifting to another one based on these free readings. Therefore, at Keen, the readers put extra effort and care into these free readings, to ensure that the new customers soon become regulars at such reading sessions.

To enjoy a free reading with Keen Psychic readers, users only need to register and sign up on the website. The first session is offered to the users at a subsidized rate, with the initial 3 minutes free, followed by $1.99 for 10 minutes.

As a starter session, users can gauge whether the service quality is satisfactory and whether it is worth the investment for further sessions, which are undoubtedly slightly more expensive than the first one.

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Reviews From Keen Psychics

Several detailed reviews are available on the website for other users to peruse. Many helpful individuals leave behind such reviews, which helps the newer ones to navigate the site and choose their reading experts easily.

It also allows new users to understand how they should approach a reading, what kind of questions they should ask, and how they should utilize the advice they receive from the psychic readers.

It helps them understand the pros and cons of the services Keen Psychics offers and whether a reading here is worth the money, time and effort of the users or not. Reviews are excellent ways to direct users towards the right services with the right individuals.

Which Sites Offer Services Similar to Keen Psychics?

There are several sites across the internet that offer psychic readings online. However, there are three highly rated sites whose service quality matches that of Keen Psychics.

Here are some alternatives for users who wish to diverge out from just Keen Psychics.



With over 20 years in the field of psychic readings, this site is quite famous among regular patrons of the service. It offers its new users 3 minutes of the reading for free, followed by 50% off for first reading session. Users who opt for more specialized readings may also be charged $20 per minute.

The site specializes in tarot card readings, love & relationship readings, career advice and financial outlook and is well-known for that service among the users. It has an excellent customer support team, on par with the Keen Psychic customer service. The readings are available on the phone call, email and live chat.

The site does not offer video calls, which is a small drawback. It is also quite expensive if the service specifications become complex, and the top-rated psychic readers are difficult to approach. Fixing appointments with such readers is quite a rarity. Visit Kasamba Official Website

California Psychics


California Psychics has been in the business for more than 20 years, making it one of the veterans in the field of psychic readings. It specializes in career and finance-related subjects, although its love psychics are also a popular topic of discussion among users.

The first 5 minutes of the reading are typically free, when the user use the coupon code ‘ADD5’. The readings typically cost $1 per minute, depending upon the level of expertise of the psychic reader.

The site has a limited number of psychics under it, although the services offered are vast. The readings also become a bit more expensive as the user starts using the services more frequently. Although the site offers a subscription program, it does not come with as many benefits as those offered by competitor sites.

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Psychic Source


As a 30-year-old website for psychic readings, Psychic Source comes with the most experience for such services. The readers at the site clearly understand exactly what the user expects out of reading and deliver the services with such ease and expertise that the site is among the top-rated ones in the industry.

In addition to the first 3 minutes of the session for free, new users can enjoy charges as low as $0.66 per minute, although these can also go as high as $4.95 per minute for subsequent sessions. While the introductory offers are quite attractive, the charges are not very favorable for users later on.

The site is one of the few to aim for 100% customer satisfaction in the form of a full refund if users are dissatisfied with the outcome of the readings. It is best known for its angel card and cartomancy readings, both of which are popular services among the regulars of psychic readings.

The site also offers video call readings, making the answers of the reading quite precise and accurate, and accentuating the overall experience for the users, particularly the new ones.

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What Should I Expect From An Online Psychic Reading On Keen?

Psychic readings online with Keen Psychics are quite simple and straightforward. Once the user has made an account and registered themselves with the site, they can select the type of reading and reader, mode of communication, tool or technique they prefer and the subject they wish to ask questions about.

Once the session is booked and started, the psychic reader will ask some basic questions to understand the user better. Following this, the user can describe their problem and ask the related questions. If the reader is using a tool, they will use it to find the answers.

If they are not using tools, they will ask certain questions in return so that they can find the exact source where they should focus their energy. They will then deduce the answers and explain them in detail to the user. The user can also clear any doubts they may have.

If requested, the reader can mail the answers to the user so that they can go back to them and understand their solutions better. Users can also go back to the reader’s profile and leave behind their experience after the session. The payment can either be made before the reading starts as an account balance or after the reading is completed.

How Is Keen Different From Other Psychic Services?

The customer service at this site sets it apart from the hundreds of other psychic reading sites on the internet. The Keen Psychic customer service is available round the clock for any help and guidance the users may require.

Unlike other sites, Keen offers users detailed videos which can guide new users about how to approach psychic readings. They also help them understand how to select a reader, how to decide upon a topic and how they can customize their readings to suit their needs and requirements.

Another major feature that sets Keen apart from other sites is the availability of video calling for psychic readings. Very few sites offer this service, and even then, not all readers and advisors are available on video call for the session. This truly sets Keen a par higher than the other psychic reading websites.

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Is Customer Support Available On Keen Psychics?

Keen Psychics prides itself on its efficient customer support team. The Keen Psychics customer service is available round the clock, 24/7 and even on holidays. The team is responsive, prompt and systematic. It addresses complaints within 24 hours and solves them as soon as they can.

The team also does not harass or trouble its users when it comes to giving refunds for dissatisfied readings or subpar quality of the reading. Refunds are issued and processed quickly, and customers do not have to keep waiting on calls to get solutions and answers.

Does Keen Psychics Have A Functioning App?

Keen Psychics has a well-functioning app available for download both in Android and iOS. The app has an excellent user interface and also offers users additional discounts available only in that mode.

The app also allows users to utilize psychic reading online at any time of the day and from any place. It is well-designed and has improved navigation as compared to its website counterpart. The image and video quality is also much better on the app, and connectivity with readers greatly increases when accessed via the app.

The app also offers better personalization, which is an attractive feature for psychic readings. Notifications are easier to send and receive in the app, and it also consumes less data, making it a perfect companion for those who are always on the go.

Do Keen Psychics Accept Diverse Payment Methods?

Keen tries its best to make online psychic readings as comfortable and convenient for users as possible. This is why it offers diverse payment methods, ranging from debit cards to credit cards, online banking methods to direct account transfer. It also accepts payment via platforms such as Google Pay and PayPal.

Users have two options when it comes to payments. They can either pay the charges after the session is completed, and the amount is calculated based on the number of minutes. They can also use the points system where they deposit an amount in their Keen Psychics account, which gets deducted every time they avail of a reading.

For those who tend to forget deadlines for payments, this points system is a godsend. Those who are skeptical and still testing waters can opt for paying after the session is completed.

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How Can Users Ask For A Refund From Keen Psychics?

Keen Psychics is known for its wonderful customer service. Users can freely ask the team for a refund if they are not happy or satisfied with the results of a session. If they feel that the reader behaved inappropriately or deliberately tried to lengthen the session, they can easily report the issue to the customer support.

The team will launch an investigation for the matter, and if found guilty, the amount will be immediately refunded to the users. Keen aims for 100% customer satisfaction, and this is one way they try to deliver this service to their users. If the reader failed to apply the discounts and promotions for the new users, they could also request the same from the team.

The users can either click on the customer service link on the website and app, which takes them to a live chat, or they can contact them directly by calling the toll free number. The site also has an email id to which the team responds typically within 24 to 48 hours.

A Summary

Keen Psychics is an excellent and well-loved option for online psychic readings among regular users of the service. With its easy navigation on the site and app, delectable discounts and offers, and quality psychic reading services, the site is like a one-stop solution for every problem an individual may face.

For those who are just entering the world of online psychics and readings, Keen may be a good choice to start with and gain a little experience. It is also quite a preferred option for those who wish to experiment with different types of readings before settling for their favorite psychic readings and readers.

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