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Psychic Near Me: Best Psychic Reading Sites of 2021

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Online Psychic Reading sites offer not only the convenience of conducting a session from the safety of your own home, but you also have the opportunity to arrange a session that best suits you. The communication method through which the session is conducted will also be in your hands. Alongside this, you will additionally have the opportunity to acquire services that would not always be available in your location.

These advantages have attracted millions of clients, and as the client base grows, so has the number of online Psychic Reading sites. This surge of growth might make it challenging to identify the best sites to use, but that is why this list exists. By trawling through hundreds of websites, we have identified the four best online Psychic Reading sites for your convenience.

Top 4 Summary

  1. Keen – Best Site For First Time Users Of Psychic Services
  2. Kasamba – Best Balanced Site (Editor’s Choice)
  3. Mysticsense – Best Advisor Filtering System
  4. AskNow – Best Introductory Packages

To protect our readers we made sure that all the site’s run regular checks on their advisors. These checks include examining previous ratings, customer reviews and, in some cases, testing the advisor’s skills before they are hired. Most sites also run a satisfaction guarantee to reassure clients that they can receive a refund if their experience was inadequate.

Keen – Best Site For First Time Psychic Reading Services Users

M3 psychic keen


  • Access to over 20 Psychic Reading services
  • Access to information about the spiritual services available, along with tips and tricks for clients
  • Access to detailed daily horoscope readings
  • Vetted Advisors


  • None

One of the best examples of advantages to be gained from online Psychic Reading Sites, especially for new service users, is perfectly illustrated by Keen. Created in 1999, the site has been visited more than 30 million times.

Unlike the small selection of services offered by advisors who can be found near the user, Keen offers over twenty services that can be accessed at the click of a button. The site hosts the popular Tarot Reading and Psychic Reading services often requested, but alongside these, Keen also offers the more obscure spiritual services, including:

  • Pet Psychics
  • Chakra Cleansing
  • Feng Shui
  • Vedic Astrology

New users embarking on their first journey into Psychic Readings and spiritual advice will typically have to learn through a trial and error process. Keen removes this usual unguided introduction into the world of spiritual guidance by providing new clients with a wealth of information.

Accessing Keen’s compilation of videos provides users with tips and tricks to guide them through the process of selecting the correct spiritual service and advisor. Keen also provides a breakdown of what to expect from the services offered, how to interact with your advisor and the best way to gain spiritual advice while on a budget.

New clients who wish to gain a more detailed understanding of the spiritual advice world can review the articles available at the top of Keen’s homepage. Clients are provided with advice about taking care of their spiritual health, what specific aspects of their dreams might mean and even the cultural background of many of the services offered.

Another advantage to be found from using Keen’s services is access to daily horoscopes. Unlike the quick horoscopes provided by cheap magazines, Keen provides a breakdown of each horoscope’s details, providing elements not usually discussed, which include:

  • Romance Months
  • Chinese Zodiac Counterparts
  • Sociability Scales

This information is provided along with love advice for specific signs and monthly and yearly horoscopes that can help you navigate potential pitfalls. The service is entirely free and can be used by non-members.

Keen’s advisors are carefully vetted with rating schemes and customer reviews to guide you when picking the correct advisor. With hundreds of advisors available, Keen has further simplified the process of finding your best match by offering a filtering system that helps clients choose between availability, method of communication, advisor rating and price.

Using Keen’s promotional offer, new clients can claim their first three minutes of Psychic Reading for free. In addition to this cost-free initial venture, Keen offers a ten minute for $1.99 proposal to help clients decide on the best advisor for them without the looming knowledge of ever-growing cost.

Keen is a treasure trove for new users, allowing them to be comfortable and secure when using the sit’s spiritual services.

Learn more at Keen.com

Kasamba – Best Balanced Site (Editor’s Choice)

M4 psychic kamasba


  • Offers three free minutes per advisor as a trial phase
  • Great promotional offers
  • Has a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • The site hosts a large number of vetted advisors to choose from
  • A mobile app is available


  • Some readings can be expensive

In most offline Psychic Reading services, clients are forced to accept that things will never be perfect. A local psychic might have years of experience, but they are usually expensive. Promotional offers might exist, but they are hard to find and heavily dependent on the client’s location. These factors and many others can taint an otherwise brilliant Psychic Reading session. This is where Kasamba excels. With over twenty years of experience, Kasamba has managed to craft a Psychic Reading service that is second to none.

One of Kasama’s primary advantages over the experience of offline Psychic Readings is access to its Best Match Guarantee. The operators of Kasamba understand that one of the main factors that affect a session’s success is the compatibility between a client and an advisor.

Some advisors will not resonate with a client, which is fine, but moving between advisors can be a costly process. To reduce this cost, Kasamba offers clients three free minutes per advisor to test if they are the right one for that specific client. Such a scenario is rare if not improbable to find in an offline setting but has worked brilliantly for Kasamba, as evidenced by the more than 3 million visitors that the site routinely gains.

Along with their Best Match Guarantee, Kasamba offers new clients a 70% discount on their initial reading. Other clients can access the 15% discount that Kasamba is currently running. With all these discounts taken into account, clients can save a hefty sum of their session’s budget, allowing them to potentially extend the session or book another one if needed.

The growing number of visitors to the site is also due to Kasamba’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. Kasamba prides itself on meeting every need of its clients. This status is gained by hosting over twenty different Psychic Reading categories for users to choose from and ensuring that clients are completely satisfied with the session they have paid for.

If a client is not completely satisfied, they can arrange a refund by contacting Kasamba directly with their complaints. This approach to what is often seen as a subjective service allows Kasamba to outrank local psychics where refunds are difficult to come by.

As a well-established Psychic Reading service, Kasamba has not only perfected the art of employing genuine, honest advisors who are willing to display their skills as proof. The site has also managed to accrue one of the largest group of advisors of any Psychic Reading site. With hundreds of advisors branched between Tarot Reading services, Dream Analysis, Occult and Graphology, Kasamba has managed to provide a good spread of advisors for almost every Psychic Reading speciality.

In addition to the number of advisors, Kasamba maintains reasonable rates while providing clients with all the information they need to select the perfect advisor. Advisor’s profiles offer their expertise, number of ratings and overall rating. Customers can also be assured that their chosen advisor has been wholly vetted, unlike what would be expected if using an advisor provided by a local psychics near me search.

To further cement Kasamba’s Psychic Reading services’ flexibility, the site offers a mobile app that is compatible with both IOS and Android systems. This app makes booking sessions while on the move easy and painless, a luxury not provided by local psychics.

As a client, you must know how much you are willing to spend as higher-rated advisors charge corresponding rates. However, this scenario is no different from what is experienced in offline settings. Unlike a local reading session, you can dispute your charges with the company if you are unhappy with the service you received.

In conclusion, due to its promotional offers, vetted advisors and satisfaction guarantee, we have rated Kasamba as our Editor’s choice.

Learn more at Kasamba.com

Mysticsense – Best Advisor Filtering System

M2_210324_EDH_psychic near me


  • A superb advisor filtering system
  • More than 300 vetted advisors
  • A large number of specialities and tools
  • Video calls available


  • The site does not offer a mobile app

One of the main disadvantages of using local psychics is that the selection of advisors available is limited to location. This will often mean that clients in cities, towns and more popular destinations have a wider pool of advisors to select from. Clients in more rural areas may find it difficult to not only find an advisor but also to find an advisor with expertise in the speciality that they require. Mysticsense has appropriately addressed this issue.

Created in 2020, the site has rapidly grown its client numbers, and it is no wonder given the superb filtering system that the company offers. Unlike other sites, Mysticsense does not only sort their Psychic Reading advisors by price or ratings. Instead, they have devised a comprehensive approach that allows clients to quickly and efficiently identify the advisor most suitable for them. At present, Mysticsense enables clients to sort between:

  • Reading Style
  • Specialities
  • Status
  • Special Tags
  • Tools

In addition to these categories, clients can also select Top Psychics or even search for a given advisor by name.

This system is particularly effective when one considers the more than three hundred advisors currently employed by Mysticsense. Despite being a relatively new site, Mysticsense has managed to create a system that has not only provided large numbers of Psychic Reading advisors but has also ensured that the advisors are genuine and their skills are authentic. These claims are supported by customer reviews and ratings, with the top Psychic Reading advisors amassing hundreds of ratings and four to five-star credibility.

Another advantage that Mysticsense has when compared to local psychics is its spiritual advice diversity. At current, Mysticsense allows clients the chance to access Psychic Reading advisors with expertise in over fifteen specialities and tools. Users can choose from advisors who are familiar with popular techniques such as the use of crystal balls and tarot cards, along with less regular practices, including:

  • Runes
  • Reiki
  • Numerology

Some Psychic Reading clients have expressed their worry at the level of disconnect that arises from conducting sessions online where advisors cannot be seen while typing in chat or communicating via email. To combat these worries, many of the advisors employed by Mystsicsense have offered clients the option of conducting sessions via video call. As Mysticsense is one of the only sites that allow for such communication, clients have flocked to the site in order to access this offer. However, this is only one of the three methods offered by the site, as clients can still call and chat with advisors if privacy is a primary concern, and they would rather remain anonymous.

Despite the time of its creation, Mysticsense does not offer a mobile app for users. However, the site is accessible by mobile and tablet. Meaning that clients will not be cut off from the service while on the move, and hopefully, as the site grows, such an app will be offered at a later date.

Mysticsense’s filtering system and overall performance have gained the site a prominent position on this list. If ever there was a site for the unsure to find their perfect advisor by category, Mysticsense would be it.

Learn more at Mysticsense.com

AskNow – Best Introductory Packages

M5_210324_EDH_psychic near me


  • Inexpensive introductory packages
  • Psychic spotlight to help identify top-performing advisors
  • Online chats allow clients to control their session time
  • Spanish speaking advisors available


  • The mobile app cannot be used by Android systems

Whether online or offline, Psychic Reading is a service and depending on the number of sessions required, it is a service that can be costly. Much of this cost is saved when clients access online Psychic Reading sites, as most of these sites run promotional offers. Usually, offers involve a few minutes free with an advisor or a discount of some form, a practice not traditionally seen in offline services acquired by searching psychics near me. Of these multiple offers, the best we have identified is provided by AskNow.

Created in 2005, AskNow is a popular Psychic Reading site. To help new users, the company offers five free minutes with their distinguished Psychic Reading advisors. This promotional offer is one of the best presented by a Psychic Reading site, but it is in their introductory package that AskNow truly shines. By navigating to the top of AskNow’s homepage, clients can find and select ‘Introductory Offers’ to gain access to promotions, such as:

  • 15 minutes for $10
  • 20 minutes for $20
  • 30 minutes for $30

With these offers in place, clients pay as little as a dollar a minute for a service that can be billed up to $25 per minute. These introductory packages help new clients navigate Psychic Reading specialities and try multiple sessions with different advisors until they find the perfect fit.

In addition to brilliant introductory packages, AskNow runs a ‘Psychic Spotlight’ in which they select Psychic Reading advisors who have performed exceptionally well. This page functions as a highlight section, helping members identify advisors they are most likely to gain the best service from, separating these Psychic Reading advisors from the pool of over seventy others that the client has to choose from.

Another advantage of using the AskNow Psychic Reading site is the use of its chats. Oftentimes in an offline setting, clients may grow displeased with the service they have received. But as they have usually booked a specific time frame for their Psychic Reading, walking away might be impossible or merely uncomfortable. This is especially true for first-time clients. This issue is almost erased when using AskNow’s Psychic Reading. Not only are customers introduced to vetted advisors who are monitored, but the client also has the ability to end the chat at any time by selecting the ‘End Session’ button. This option, along with the client’s anonymity, helps clients feel in control of the moment and increases their likelihood of returning.

Another advantage of AskNow is the availability and ease of discovery surrounding the site’s Spanish-speaking Psychic Reading advisors. The ‘En Español’ tab is as easy to find as the ‘Phone’ or ‘Chat’ tab. This is in stark contrast to services found in psychics near me, as with the limitations of location, clients are forced to accept what they get or travel much further than expected to see a Psychic Reading advisor who suits their needs.

AskNow does have a mobile app, but unfortunately, it can only be accessed by devices using IOS 10.0 or later. However, the site can be accessed by mobile phone directly.

Learn more at AskNow.com

Online Psychic Reading vs Local Psychic Near Me?

While online Psychic Reading services and those found by searching for Local Psychics Near Me are usually thought of as the same except for the mode of communication they are conducted through, there are several differences between them.

1. Speciality – While it is somewhat rare to find a Psychic Reading Advisor with expertise in only one speciality, it is not impossible. This is where one of the disadvantages of using local psychics emerges. When searching for Psychic Reading advisors in your local area, clients are bound by what is being offered. A small pool of available psychics means that clients might not find the service they are looking for. In contrast, online Psychic Reading services provide access to advisors with expertise in numerous specialities and tools, making it much easier to find the perfect advisor without compromising.

2. Privacy -Another factor that sets online Psychic Reading apart from advisors found locally is the subject of privacy. Offline sessions are often conducted at the advisor’s convenience. Whether this is in a shop or the advisor’s home, customers, especially new customers, must share what could amount to potentially embarrassing fears and situations with a stranger. The privacy of the session and the confidentiality of the information shared is in the advisor’s hands. Fears of a privacy breach might detract from the sessions, making the client nervous and unwilling to express their worries. On the other hand, the customers using online Psychic Readings are allowed an anonymity level that could encourage them to be honest and straightforward during the session, allowing the advisor to give the best reading possible.

3. Location -One of the limiting factors when searching for local psychics is the client’s location. Some clients are lucky enough to live in an optimal area, providing them with various psychics that they can use. However, not everyone is that lucky. Some clients are not located near any local psychics, at which point they would need to travel to get the reading they require. Or if travelling isn’t an option, clients are stuck without the peace of mind they were hoping for. Location is a factor that does not affect online Psychic Readings. Clients can access thousands of advisors whenever they want and wherever they want, with the only potentially limiting factor being a steady Internet connection. And even this limitation can be overruled through the use of phone calls. Phone calls are an option for offline local psychics. But without the ability to verify the psychics’ identity and no overhead company to address if the reading isn’t satisfactory, many clients are wary of using this option.

4. Price -Due to the scarcity of local psychics in most areas, their rates can be somewhat expensive. Without any other options, clients are forced to either pay the rate requested or go on without the Psychic Reading they require. But on the other hand, due to the number of online Psychic Reading advisors on each site identified above, it is in the readers’ best interest to provide potential clients with competitive prices. Due to the fact that clients have the option to choose between thousands of advisors, the one they ultimately decide on needs to be an appropriate balance of expertise and price in order to not lose a customer.

5. Customer Ratings -In an offline setting, clients are usually unable to read and access customer reviews and ratings. Some magazines and media outlets do present the public with the psychics’ overall ratings in their publication. But without proof of client opinion, it can be difficult for a client to know if they can trust these ratings. Advisors registered to online Psychic Reading sites usually display their ratings and truthful customer reviews. The information feeds into ratings, and as customers are looking for the best-rated advisors, readers are encouraged to always perform to the best of their ability.

6. Availability -One of the main advantages of using an online Psychic Reading site is the flexibility the service provides regarding time. Most online Psychic Reading sites have advisors who are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, making it easier for clients to arrange readings after work or during non-business hours. This contrasts heavily with local psychics, whose work hours often mirror the hours that many potential clients are too busy to access their services.

Are Psychic Readings Online As Accurate As Psychics Near Me?

While the matter of accuracy between online and offline Psychic Readings has been discussed and argued, the truth of the matter is that the authenticity of a reading depends mainly on the advisor. This matter of authenticity is ensured by the structured recruitment systems that most online Psychic Reading sites operate.

Clients using local psychics usually don’t have this protection. In such cases, clients must research their advisor themselves, and if their experience is unpleasant, they are left with the difficult choice of pursuing the matter or risk losing money.

How Can You Get A Psychic Reading?

The communication method used during your reading with a local psychic is usually the advisor’s choice. Most offline advisors prefer face to face meetings, but there is also the option of conducting a session through phone calls.

On the other hand, online Psychic Reading sessions are conducted in several ways that are usually the clients’ decision. Advisors generally list the communication methods that they support, and clients can choose the method that best suits them.

Of the methods used by online Psychic Readings, the most popular are:

  • Chat services
  • Emails
  • Phone Calls
  • Video Calls

Methods tend to have different prices assigned to them, and clients must make themselves aware of these prices before a session to not overspend.

What Important Questions Shall I Ask The Psychic?

Whether online or offline, the question you present to your psychic depends on the situation or worry you are experiencing. However, there are several rules that you should follow to get the most out of your session.

  1. Think about what you wish to discuss before a session to prepare yourself.
  2. Focus on a particular worry instead of rambling about several issues at once so that the answer you receive can be as straightforward as possible.
  3. Only ask open-ended questions that encourage the advisor to give you the most information possible.
  4. Try to calm yourself before a session so that your anxiety does not affect your reading.
  5. Keep an open mind. Some information might be unpleasant, but you can only move forward with what you have learned.


While local psychics have existed for years and will exist for many more, it would be foolish to not take advantage of the opportunities presented by online Psychic Readings. By reaching out from the comfort of your home and with all the privacy you could wish for, it is now possible to achieve peace of mind. With low rates and seemingly endless availability, all the effort required is a few clicks of a mouse.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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