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Sugar Balance Reviews – Alarming Supplement Side Effects?

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Diabetes is a common health challenge worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no proper remedy for this condition. Despite the huge number of supplements available on the market, online, and pharmacies, diabetes continue to kill people daily.

The supplements available only provide temporary relief. They don’t treat the root cause and symptoms of this dreadful disease. This review exposes the Sugar Balance Herbal Supplement, which claims to support healthy blood sugar levels. According to the official website, this supplement targets the root cause of diabetes. Read on to discover more about Sugar Balance.

What is Sugar Balance?

Sugar Balance is an all-natural dietary formula that claims to treat type-2 diabetes naturally. According to the information on the official website and mentioned in this expert Globe Newswire review, diabetic people can purportedly reverse their condition by taking this supplement daily. It delivers a plant-based source of insulin and claims to be doctor-approved.

This nutritional supplement is sold online through the manufacturer’s official website. According to the creator, it works best for people who are already suffering from type-2 diabetes, who would like to control their blood sugar. Taking two capsules of Sugar Balance daily can help users reverse their type-2 diabetes permanently.

The creator of Sugar Balance describes the conventional diabetes medication as “risky” and markets the supplement as the better option for diabetic people. So far, everyone knows there is no known cure for diabetes and patients should always follow the advice of their healthcare providers to manage their condition.

However, how does Sugar Balance work? Read on to find out.


How Sugar Balance Works

The main idea behind the Sugar Balance herbal supplement is to help users control high blood sugar levels and eliminate blood sugar spikes. It claims to achieve this by including a combination of natural ingredients obtained from herbs and plants. These ingredients are clinically approved and work together to help the body control blood sugar levels that would otherwise go unchecked. According to the creator, anyone can benefit from Sugar Balance. However, it specifically focuses on people who already have blood sugar problems. The supplement directly targets the root cause of high blood sugar levels.

The powerful ingredients in this formula work together to accomplish the following:

  • Lower food cravings for unhealthy food such as processed sugary drinks and foods
  • Flush out toxins from the liver
  • Support pancreas health

The Sugar Balance herbal supplement works primarily to improve the body’s ability to produce insulin. This process is crucial as it instructs the body cells to utilize available glucose when insulin enters the bloodstream. When the body produces adequate insulin, blood sugar levels stay within a healthy range and the user is not in danger of several complications that arise from high blood sugar levels.

Sugar Balance Ingredients

According to the creator, the Sugar Balance herbal formula embraces the following ingredients:

Schisandra Extract

Schisandra is a unique fruit found in China. Its berries deliver different tastes all at the same time. They taste bitter, sweet, sour, pungent, and salty all the same time. This ingredient contains a group of compounds known as lignans. According to some studies, lignans can boost immunity to prevent sickness and improve overall health.

While it’s a native of China, this fruit is also available in Russia and other Asian countries. The berries have been used for medicinal purposes for ages. In a study published in the Bioscience Scientific Journal, researchers discovered that Schisandra could “improve glucose tolerance” and “worked as an anti-diabetic prescription.”

Licorice Root Extract

As revealed by studies, licorice root extract delivers potential anti-inflammatory benefits and supports liver cells’ health to improve digestion. Besides, it can help with fat burning and weight loss.

This ingredient is very useful in supporting healthy blood glucose levels too. According to the Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, it showed significant blood glucose lowering effects.

Astragalus Root Extract

This ingredient has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. Many studies reveal that including Astragalus in supplements can help lower blood sugar levels and boost metabolism. It also aids weight loss. According to a study conducted by the International Medicine Clinic, researchers found that Astragalus delivered a “substantial improvement in diabetic nephropathy.”

Wild Yam Root

Wild Yam Root delivers a chemical known as Dioscoretine, which allows the body to balance blood glucose levels. It is also a hypoglycemic agent, which aids diabetes treatment. Some studies also link it to more estrogen production besides delivering strong anti-inflammatory effects that may help alleviate arthritis.

Solomon’s Seal Extract

This ingredient is considered a “healing plant” based on its rich concentration of anti-inflammatory compounds known as polyphenol. A common ingredient in Chinese medicine, this plant can also boost sugar metabolism and alleviate some of the complications often associated with diabetes.

Mulberry Leaf Extract

Mulberry leaf extract supports immunity and could help reduce joint pain related to inflammation. Besides, it could support better blood sugar balance. Used in powdery form, this ingredient could help lower blood sugar levels in people with type-2 diabetes.

This is the reason the creator of Sugar Balance included it in the supplement. It works to help decrease fasting blood sugar levels better that conventional medication.

Lyceum Chinese Fruit Extract

Also known as Boxthorn, this ingredient is popular for its anti-diabetic effects for ages. Some studies also link it to a significant decrease in blood pressure levels. It can help the body produce more transporters to move sugar from the blood to the cells in the organs.

In some studies, Lyceum was found to possess a potential novel treatment in preventing diet-induced liver. It also helps the body fight aches and fevers. Together with other ingredients, Lyceum works to help improve the efficacy and safety of the Sugar Balance herbal supplement.

Balloon Flower Root

This extract closes the list of the potential ingredients in Sugar Balance. It delivers powerful anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief in addition to several cardiovascular benefits.

Also known as Korean Flower or Chinese bellflower, this ingredient can deliver the following health benefits:

  • Improves heart health
  • Protects liver cells to facilitate metabolism
  • Delivers anti-inflammatory properties
  • Delivers analgesic and pain-relieving properties
  • Helps improve the immune system
  • Helps lower blood pressure

As revealed by a 2012 study by the Food Research Institute, this ingredient is also associated with decreased triacylglycerol (FAT) storage in the liver, which improves insulin production.


Benefits of Using Sugar Balance

The Sugar Balance herbal supplement delivers the following benefits:

All-natural ingredients: The supplement embraces the right blend of natural ingredients, including vitamins and minerals to support pancreas health.

No side effects: The ingredients in the Sugar Balance supplement work to deliver natural anti-oxidant that restores healthy function of other vital boy organs.

It maintains blood glucose levels: By consuming this supplement, users can maintain healthy blood sugar levels and get the best results with a few days.

Improves neural health: It helps users improve their neural health and avoid the inflammation in real-time.

It suppresses food cravings: Sugar Balance suppresses appetite for unhealthy sugary foods and drinks naturally.

It improves pancreas health: Sugar Balance works to help stabilize hormone production and helps users lose weight. This allows the pancreas to improve the diabetic condition quickly.

It restores normal life: This supplement allows users to break free from diabetes and resume their normal lives with all the enjoyments that they missed when struggling with the condition.

Easy to use: The Sugar Balance supplement is available in easy-to-consume pills that are user-friendly and convenient.

Effective results: The product delivers effective and affordable results—naturally.


Sugar Balance Downsides

The product is only available online through the official website. This might affect consumers who would like to see a product and buy it.

For best results, users should stick to the dosage and continue

Doesn’t work for everyone

Side Effects—Is Sugar Balance Safe?

According to the official website, Sugar Balance is overwhelmingly safe. A team of experts who understand the human body purportedly created the product. The creators spent hundreds of hours researching the right ingredients.

The supplement doesn’t deliver any common side effects. Few users have reported any harmful changes in their health after using the Sugar Balance. Each ingredient also went through a thorough review to determine its safety for human consumption.

Users should note that Sugar Balance might reduce blood pressure, so those who are already on medication should monitor their blood pressure levels. This helps avoid any complication while using the supplement. Besides, Sugar Balance only works for healthy adults above the age of 18.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not take this supplement, as well as children below the age of 18. These groups of consumers are likely to encounter potential side effects of this formula. Therefore, they should avoid Sugar Balance.

According to the creator, Sugar Balance is a potential product with a proven history of delivering positive results to users. All the same, individual results may vary. Besides, users should not expect a miracle. They should give the supplement enough time to notice any fundamental changes in their blood sugar levels.

Generally, the manufacturer recommends giving the product between 30 and 60 days to determine whether it can work for them. While Sugar Balance can deliver fast results, different factors can play a role in how fast individual users can see expected results. Such factors include genetics, exercise habits, hormonal levels, or diet.

Overall, Sugar Balance claims to be a safe product that delivers no risk to users’ health. Additionally, users who feel the product is not right for them should consult their doctor for professional advice before they take the supplement.

Sugar Balance Price

Sugar Balance is available for purchase on the official website at The creator recommends buying the product from the official website, as it is the safest way to buy. On the official website, users can find exciting purchasing options, discounts, and offers.

Depending on the user’s budget and individual needs, the current purchasing options are:

  • Buy one bottle of Sugar Balance at $69
  • Buy three bottles of Sugar Balance at $149 ($49.33 per bottle)
  • Buy six bottles of Sugar Balance at $199 ($33.33 per bottle)

Regardless of the chosen package, each order is backed by a 6-month moneyback guarantee. Users who feel unsatisfied with their orders or don’t see the results they desire should simply return their unused bottles of Sugar Balance and ask for a refund. In that situation, the company processes a refund minus the shipping charges.

Importantly, this policy is the creator’s guarantee to consumers and a show of confidence in the product. Customers who would like to contact the company for any concern should reach out to customer support via phone or e-mail.


Sugar Balance Verdict

Sugar Balance may be the ideal solution for people who are struggling to get their blood sugar levels under control. With a great combination of proven ingredients and a record of delivering results, this product claims to work effectively without causing any adverse health effects.

Additionally, the creator says thousands of adults across the globe are already using the product and enjoying its benefits. All the same, the product does raise some red flags.

A medical doctor, David Pearson claims to have developed the Sugar Balance herbal formula. He claims to have more than 27 years of experience as an epidemiologist and health researcher, though no one can confirm this. David Pearson could only be a pen name to market the product while the person doesn’t actually exist.

Additionally, the creator collaborated with a company known as Nature’s Formulas to develop Sugar Balance. The company claims to be “inspired by family and faith” to sell dietary supplements online. It claims it produced Sugar Balance “in a USA facility that meets all FDA guidelines.”

Users should therefore conduct a thorough research before buying any product online. Some of the places to check are BBB and TrustPilot for the company rating.

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