2020 general election results for Snohomish County and state

Returns for contested races and ballot measures, updated daily as mail-in ballots are counted.

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EVERETT — Results from the general election of Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, for Snohomish County and the state of Washington. These unofficial results were last updated on Nov. 12, 2020. Excluded are races with unopposed candidates and non-binding advisory votes. Results for jurisdictions that span multiple counties include all counties. Percentages might not add up to 100 due to write-in votes.

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U.S. president

Snohomish County

Joseph R. Biden (D) 255,340 58.54%
Donald J. Trump (R) 165,404 37.92%
Jo Jorgensen (L) 9,591 2.20%
Howie Hawkins (G) 1,982 0.45%
Gloria La Riva (SL) 482 0.11%
Allison Kennedy (SW) 243 0.06%

Washington (winner gets 12 electoral votes)

Joseph R. Biden (D) 2,349,871 58.08%
Donald J. Trump (R) 1,565,124 38.69%
Jo Jorgensen (L) 78,839 1.95%
Howie Hawkins (G) 17,922 0.44%
Gloria La Riva (SL) 4,730 0.12%
Allison Kennedy (SW) 2,430 0.06%

U.S. House of Representatives

1st District

Suzan DelBene (D) 248,307 58.62%
Jeffrey Beeler Sr. (R) 174,748 41.26%

2nd District

Rick Larsen (D) 252,521 63.22%
Timothy S. Hazelo (R) 145,999 36.55%

7th District

Pramila Jayapal (D) 386,191 83.02%
Craig Keller (R) 77,873 16.74%





Jay Inslee (D) 2,275,954 56.68%
Loren Culp (R) 1,726,640 43.00%

Lieutenant governor

Denny Heck (D) 1,644,226 45.83%
Marko Liias (D) 1,203,039 33.53%

Secretary of state

Kim Wyman (R) 2,092,531 53.56%
Gael Tarleton (D) 1,809,674 46.32%


Mike Pellicciotti (D) 2,072,013 53.49%
Duane A. Davidson (R) 1,798,020 46.42%


Pat (Patrice) McCarthy (D) 2,243,115 58.09%
Chris Leyba (R) 1,614,842 41.82%

Attorney general

Bob Ferguson (D) 2,208,599 56.52%
Matt Larkin (R) 1,694,869 43.37%

Commissioner of public lands

Hilary Franz (D) 2,194,768 56.78%
Sue Kuehl Pederson (R) 1,666,685 43.12%

Superintendent of public instruction

Chris Reykdal 1,938,413 54.64%
Maia Espinoza 1,590,125 44.82%

Insurance commissioner

Mike Kreidler (D) 2,486,077 65.48%
Chirayu Avinash Patel (R) 1,292,119 34.03%

Referendum 90

Sex education requirement

Approved 2,262,818 57.88%
Rejected 1,646,444 42.12%

SJR 8212

Constitutional: Investment of public funds

Approved 1,722,591 45.70%
Rejected 2,046,692 54.30%




1st District


Derek Stanford (D) 55,316 63.29%
Art Coday (R) 32,024 36.64%

House Position 1

Davina Duerr (D) 57,842 66.46%
Adam Bartholomew (R) 29,115 33.45%

House Position 2

Shelley Kloba (D) 55,451 63.69%
Jeb Brewer (R) 31,544 36.23%

10th District


Ron Muzzall (R) 46,229 50.85%
Helen Price Johnson (D) 44,580 49.04%

House Position 1

Greg Gilday (R) 44,856 50.35%
Angie Homola (D) 44,047 49.44%

House Position 2

Bill Bruch (R) 44,539 49.50%
Dave Paul (D) 45,348 50.40%

21st District

House Position 1

Strom H. Peterson (D) 50,575 64.59%
Brian Thompson (R) 27,654 35.32%

House Position 2

Lillian Ortiz-Self (D) 51,395 65.93%
Amy Schaper (R) 26,464 33.95%

32nd District

House Position 1

Cindy Ryu (D) 52,541 71.53%
Shirley Sutton (D) 19,543 26.61%

House Position 2

Lauren Davis (D) 58,959 77.83%
Tamra Smilanich (NP) 9,174 12.11%

38th District


June Robinson (D) 39,641 58.80%
Bernard Moody (R) 27,691 41.07%

House Position 1

Emily Wicks (D) 39,575 58.90%
Bert Johnson (R) 27,523 40.96%

House Position 2

Mike Sells (D) 43,007 66.83%
David Wiley (L) 20,704 32.17%

39th District


Keith L. Wagoner (R) 51,564 65.37%
K.A. Lewandowsky (P) 27,192 34.47%

House Position 1

Robert J. Sutherland (R) 47,958 59.99%
Claus Joens (D) 31,889 39.89%

House Position 2

Carolyn Eslick (R) 50,279 63.01%
Ryan Johnson (D) 29,423 36.87%

44th District

House Position 1

John Lovick (D) 50,529 57.16%
John T. Kartak (R) 37,793 42.75%

House Position 2

Mark A. James (R) 42,220 48.15%
April Berg (D) 45,397 51.77%



Snohomish County

County Council

District 4

Jared Mead (D) 56,909 65.83%
Brenda Carrington (R) 29,461 34.08%

Public Utility District

Commissioner, District 1

Sidney (Sid) Logan 254,905 67.97%
Rob Toyer 118,153 31.50%




Supreme Court of Washington

Justice, Position 3

Dave Larson 1,439,275 41.28%
Raquel Montoya-Lewis 2,032,463 58.29%

Justice, Position 6

Richard S. Serns 1,121,308 33.19%
G. Helen Whitener 2,236,253 66.19%

Snohomish County Superior Court

Judge, Position 8

Robert Grant 165,256 44.08%
Cassandra Lopez Shaw 207,951 55.47%



Fire Districts

Fire district 26

Proposition 1, property tax levy

Approved 2,029 70.60%
Rejected 845 29.40%

South Snohomish County Fire & Rescue

Proposition 1, benefit charge

Yes 63,451 72.91%
No 23,580 27.09%



Island County

County commission

District 1

Melanie Bacon (D) 25,834 50.83%
Damian Greene (R) 24,916 49.03%

District 2

Jill D. Johnson (R) 27,551 60.27%
Dan Evans (R) 17,401 38.07%


Key dates: Snohomish County election certification: Nov. 24 • State of Washington election certification: Dec. 3 • Electoral college convenes: Dec. 14 • Congress counts electoral votes: Jan. 6 • Presidential inauguration: Jan. 20

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