Election 2020

Biden wins Washington, splits delegates with Sanders 46-43

More than 20,000 votes seperated the remaining Democratic candidates after the final tally.


Sen. Marko Liias launches campaign for lieutenant governor

He joins fellow Senate Democrat Steve Hobbs in the contest to succeed Cyrus Habib.


Harrop: Votes, not donations, are what determine elections

Bernie can spin the primary results all he wants; it doesn’t change the outcome of the voters’ wishes.


Commentary: Joe wants a woman veep; he needs to be specific

If this is to be more than a consolation prize, Biden has to announce and defend his choice soon.

Commenary: It’s not about when Bernie leaves the race, but how

Sanders, if he’s sincere about beating Trump, must remove all doubt about his support for Biden.

Results of Washington’s 2020 presidential primary election

Delegates are apportioned based on voting statewide and in each of the 10 congressional districts.

Latest vote tally puts Biden ahead of Sanders statewide

The two Democratic presidential candidates are battling for chance to face President Trump this fall

Sanders and Biden are in a dead heat in Washington’s primary

Bernie Sanders has a slight edge statewide, but Joe Biden is winning in Snohomish County.

As primary arrives, it’s decision time for Democratic voters

A once crowded field is down to a clear choice between a progressive, Sanders, and a moderate, Biden

Norma Smith will not seek re-election to the state House

A 13-year veteran, the Clinton Republican wants to pursue her next calling of teaching and mentoring

Presidential candidates turn their attention to Washington

This state’s presidential primary is March 10. It is one of six states with votes that day.

Presidential primary is a hit with voters in both parties

Ballots are roaring in. Still, some voters are peeved at having to choose a party to participate.

Sanders is tops in Washington fundraising among Democrats

Nine hundred Amazon workers gave him money. Boeing workers gave President Donald Trump $38,000.

Supreme Court to hear Washington case of ‘faithless’ electors

One of the petitioners in a landmark test of free will is an Electoral College participant from Everett.

Want choice? Democrats will have 13 for presidential primary

Not surprisingly, President Donald Trump will be the only candidate for Republicans to consider.

Initiative impresario, political provocateur — and governor?

Tim Eyman’s candidacy will settle whether voters like him as much as they like his tax-cutting ideas.

Is Eyman really running for governor? It’s looking that way

He’s launched a website, registered his campaign and decided to run as an independent in 2020.

Eyman’s next initiative is to become Washington’s governor

The renowned anti-tax crusader declared his candidacy but hasn’t said if he’ll run as a Republican.

Serial initiative-promoter Eyman says he’ll run for governor

He made the announcement while testifying at a Sound Transit board meeting.

Ex-Massachusetts Gov. Patrick announces Dem presidential bid

Deval Patrick has close ties to former President Barack Obama and his network of political advisers.