Election 2020

Editorial: With McCarthy, Auditor’s Office now able watchdog

Pat McCarthy has restored morale and overseen efforts that provide greater access to audit findings.


Federal judge blocks Postal Service changes that slowed mail

In Yakima, he issued a nationwide injunction sought by 14 states that sued the Trump administration.


Editorial: Keep Wyman as defender of state’s election system

Kim Wyman, a Republican, has helped expand access to voting and improved election security.


Comment: Reporter, stop covering for Biden when he s

Biden has give contradictory statements on fracking and guns; too often reporters try to explain it away.

Inslee, Culp agree to televised gubernatorial debate Oct. 7

Lieutenant Governor candidates Marko Liias and Denny Heck will debate on TV on Oct. 22.

Comment: Whatever election’s outcome, many might not accept it

Experts are correct to be concerned about how the fallout of this election could trigger political violence.

Comment: Trump isn’t the only one who might shout: ‘Rigged!’

Trump will need to show a free and fair election if he wants to claim a legitimate victory.

Commentary: News media must get election night right

News outlets have to be prepared for electoral uncertainty and the chaos that is likely to result.

Viewpoints: We’re divided by different dreams

Throughout generations, we have revised and reinterpreted what we sought in the American Dream.

Comment: GOP’s consultants — not officials — are the Never Trumpers

A Trumpified Republican Party will manage without those advisers, but will the nation’s democracy?

Commentary: Republicans only plan is to wait for a miracle

It’s not that the GOP doesn’t have a response to our challenges. It’s that its only response is Trump.

More than half of county ballots arrived via drop boxes

More than 56% of voters used a drop box this August. The county auditor expects more use this fall.

A scary thing happened on her way to sign waving in Snohomish

Candidate April Berg suffered a broken back and fractured ribs in a head-on crash on Election Day.

Commentary: It was the images that mattered in Trump’s address

The night contrasted the beauty of the White House scene against the threat of carnage of a Biden presidency.

Commentary: Pence came to praise Trump; and did only that

After a day of disturbing news, Pence kept to his practice of complimenting his boss.

Comment: Cameras look for tension during scripted conventions

The parties have taken more control but it’s still a clash of competing narratives, media vs. party.

Commentary: Are elections miring U.S. Senate in inaction?

Senators in red or blue states must appeal to their base; those in purple states are wary of any vote.

Commentary: Which path will it be, GOP? Trump’s or Reagan’s?

To survive, the Republican Party may need to revisit Reagan’s more inclusive brand of conservatism.

Tight races in 10th District forecast competitive November

Three Republicans won in the primary including Bill Bruch defeating Rep. Dave Paul, D-Oak Harbor.

Local delegates adjust to the unconventional conventions

It’s not the same, but Democrats and Republicans are participating with laptop computers and TVs.