Election 2020

Supreme Court to weigh state’s actions against rogue electors

An Everett man and two others contend the Constitution allowed them to put country ahead of party.

Curtain rises on campaign season as candidate filing begins

With COVID, all filing is online and, for now, campaigning will be a virtual experience for all.

Commentary: Pandemic is hurting Trump’s 2020 campaign

All he and his team can manage is to wish the virus away and tell Americans that things are getting better.

Snohomish County Auditor Garth Fell inspects the testing of ballot-counting equipment prior to the March 10 presidential primary. (Rachel Riley / Herald file photo)

Editorial: Pandemic forces some changes for 2020 election

What the coronavirus hasn’t changed is the need for good candidates and for informed voters.

Snohomish County Auditor Garth Fell inspects the testing of ballot-counting equipment prior to the March 10 presidential primary. (Rachel Riley / Herald file photo)

Robinson emerges as Democrats’ top choice for Senate seat

The Snohomish County Council will decide May 13 on a successor to John McCoy, who retired last month.

Democrats to nominate potential successors for John McCoy

If Rep. June Robinson is tapped for the vacancy, several people are interested in her House seat.

Inslee challenger seeks to block ban on religious gatherings

The GOP candidate for governor says he’s been prevented from conducting Bible studies in his home.

$317 million Everett school bond bound for August vote

Board members say passage of the measure will help the community recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commentary: Biden, elder Bush share more than few parallels

Both men are moderates in a time of disruption. If he wins, can Biden equal some of Bush’s successes?

Two Democrats enter race for Jared Mead’s state House seat

Anne Anderson and April Berg revved up campaigns this week. Republican Mark James was already in the running.

Viewpoints: Democrats pick pragmatism over consistency

Sanders saw more move to accept his positions, but Democratic voters chose Biden’s proven record.

Commentary: Biden will have to fight Trump for Sanders’ voters

Trump and Sanders favor vastly different policies, but they both speak from a populist perspective.

Habib backs Liias to succeed him as lieutenant governor

The state senator picks up key endorsement as Congressman Heck considers entering the race

Biden wins Washington, splits delegates with Sanders 46-43

More than 20,000 votes seperated the remaining Democratic candidates after the final tally.

Sen. Marko Liias launches campaign for lieutenant governor

He joins fellow Senate Democrat Steve Hobbs in the contest to succeed Cyrus Habib.

Harrop: Votes, not donations, are what determine elections

Bernie can spin the primary results all he wants; it doesn’t change the outcome of the voters’ wishes.

Commentary: Joe wants a woman veep; he needs to be specific

If this is to be more than a consolation prize, Biden has to announce and defend his choice soon.

Commenary: It’s not about when Bernie leaves the race, but how

Sanders, if he’s sincere about beating Trump, must remove all doubt about his support for Biden.

Results of Washington’s 2020 presidential primary election

Delegates are apportioned based on voting statewide and in each of the 10 congressional districts.

Latest vote tally puts Biden ahead of Sanders statewide

The two Democratic presidential candidates are battling for chance to face President Trump this fall