Looking Back

Looking back: Johnny comes marching home

An Everett crowd of 15,000 celebrated the return of WWI soldiers.


Looking Back: A Roaring Twenties playground for the well off

The Big Four Inn drew the famous and wealthy.


The dawn of aviation in Snohomish County

An 1928 event celebrated the opening of the county’s first airport, between Everett and Marysville.


Looking back: 1930s WPA project transformed Forest Park

A public works program is responsible for much of what exists today.

Looking back: 1974 road trip turns deadly

The Snohomish County sheriff, his wife and mother-in-law were killed while vacationing in Mexico.

1893: First East Coast shipment of shingles leaves Everett

From the 14th Street Dock in Port Gardner Bay to St. Paul, Minnesota.

Looking back: 1928 fire department collision cast pall over Everett

The chief’s condition was front-page news for days. His was the first “state funeral” in city history.

Looking back: Floodwaters spill into the Snohomish River Valley

January 1969 event was a portent of worse to come.

Looking Back: New Year’s 1963 in Everett

Martin and Lewis back together at the Everett Theatre

1933 blaze damaged historic Granite Falls hotel

The fire not only threatened the 1893 building, but a large portion of the city as well.

Looking back: A working-class watering hole

Joe King’s tavern satiated Everett’s early thirsts.

Looking back: Early Everett commercial structure touted as fireproof

1910 construction of Commerce Building followed 1909 blazes that damaged many Everett buildings.

Looking back: Everett mob terrorizes immigrant mill workers

The goal was to drive “all aliens from City of Smokestacks.”

‘The most outstanding building in Everett’

The historic downtown YMCA served for nearly a century. Today it closes.

Gouges, gashes, breaks, burns and the occasional gunshot wound

Everett’s first hospital treated a variety of ailments.

Keeler’s Korner catered to early motorists

The first gas station built on the Seattle-Everett highway became a landmark.

Richard Nixon flies to Everett for Halloween

“Vice President Richard M. Nixon has a pleasing good-looking face, with dark, sparkling eyes.”

Old-time Monroe was a condensed-milk powerhouse

A sprawling plant that once operated on the east side of town wasn’t exactly condensed.

In the 1890s, a cedar tree beckoned Snohomish cyclists

A local logger cut a pathway through the trunk to create a popular destination.