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What’s new for 2018 for travelers in Scandinavia

Sweden, Norway and Finland have embarked on many urban, cultural and transit projects.

What’s new for travelers in Italy for 2018

With new sights to see, the country’s as exquisite — and exasperating — as ever.

Porto: Portugal’s ‘second city’ is second to none

The city gives you an excellent taste of life as it’s actually lived by the Portuguese.

Europe’s convents offer tranquility — and treats

They provide tranquil and often economical sleeping quarters and access to cultural heritage.

Bustling Dublin offers big-city sights and Irish charm

The dynamic city has a great story to tell, and people who excel at telling it.

South Spain’s big three: Granada, Cordoba, and Sevilla

The three cities provide a look at the Moorish influence on Spanish culture.

Sweden’s Glass Country sparkles like a hand-blown bauble

You can blame my Norwegian heritage, but I’m not so hot on the Swedish countryside. Even so, you can’t say you’ve seen Sweden if you’ve… Continue reading

Europe’s incredible journeys, by train, plane and ferry boat

Journeys through Norway fjord country and Switzerland’s Golden Pass are two of the best.

Stories of revolution in Russia’s St. Petersburg

Where travelers can find memories of the city’s dark history: The 1917 Russian Revolution.

Austria meets Italy in bicultural Bolzano

The long-Austrian, now-Italian region of South Tirol is one of Europe’s main crossroads.

Visiting Germany’s Lutherland, birthplace of Reformation

The sights include the church where the first Protestant service took place in 1521.

Dodging sticky fingers: How to outfox pickpockets

Don’t let the fear of pickpockets keep you from traveling. Here’s how to keep your valuables safe.

Seaside traditions endure in Portugal’s Nazare tourist area

Tucked into a far corner of Europe, just two hours north of Lisbon, is one of my favorite beach towns: Nazare, a Portuguese fishing town… Continue reading

How to shop in the street markets of France

It’s the best way to connect with the nation’s farmers and artisans.

Make Sorrento your base for exploring Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Serene Sorrento, wedged on a ledge under the mountains and over the sea, is a great springboard for sightseeing along Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Just an… Continue reading

Planes, trains, and automobiles: How to get around Europe

In Europe, getting from Point A to Point B is a snap. The train system shrinks what is already a small continent, making a whirlwind… Continue reading

Exploring England’s mythic market towns of Glastonbury, Wells

England’s scenic landscapes hold a mix of historic wonders and legends that go back to Camelot and beyond. Two of the best places to contemplate… Continue reading

Romania’s countryside: The land that time forgot

Romania is full of surprises and wonderful people. And as you leave the capital of Bucharest, it gets even better. In the countryside, the history… Continue reading

Views from top of Eiffel Tower worth braving the crowds

Going up the Eiffel Tower is one of the great travel thrills in Europe. Sure, it’s crowded and expensive, and there are probably better views… Continue reading