Rick Steves

The stories behind European art enrich the experience

The “Mona Lisa,” the Colosseum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Michelangelo’s “David” … Europe’s cultural treasures are world-class, including some of the most beautiful and enduring objects humans… Continue reading

A walk through Ghent will leave you wanting to stay longer

about 30 minutes from Brussels and Bruges — oozes with cobbles and charm. But it’s also a… Continue reading

Best sunsets around the world — and close to home

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Escape the Venice crowds with these day trips to nearby towns

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How to get around in Europe via taxis, ride sharing

except during rush-hour traffic,… Continue reading

Ancient European towns built the original big, beautiful walls

As a kid, my treehouse was my castle: no parents reining me in, a ladder that pulled up, and nails sticking down through the ceiling… Continue reading

Monoglots traveling abroad need to keep it simple to communicate

While it’s nothing to brag about, I am a miserable linguist. I got into the University of Washington, which required two years of a foreign… Continue reading

Here’s what you can expect on your first vacation in Europe

that’s why you go. But every first-timer has concerns about getting along in an unfamiliar place. Here are a… Continue reading

Salty Portsmouth offers historic and modern attractions

Portsmouth is the famed home of Britain’s Royal Navy. But as Britain’s military shrinks, the port is pumping up its tourism. Many travelers pass through… Continue reading

Bulgaria’s overlooked, and that’s why you should visit

so overlooked and underappreciated … and yet so charming in a Slavic way. In my student days I… Continue reading

When traveling in Europe, be sure to save room for dessert

We all know that Belgians are connoisseurs of fine chocolate, and Italy’s gelato is an edible art form. In France, travelers look for “patisseries” where… Continue reading

Barcelona: Vibrant and spirited, despite tourist horde

Life in Barcelona is a distinctive mix of Madrid-style love of life and Parisian elegance and taste. Spain’s second-biggest city is one of the hottest… Continue reading

The streets of European cities shine on summer evenings

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