Vital statistics

Marriage licenses

Schaefer, Randall Jay and Brodel,, Wendy Mae

Villa, Lopez Jesus Brigido and Reyes,, Mindie Marie

Riley, Weston Barnum and Patricelli,, Lenneia Joy

Toro, Juan Enrique and Bermeo,, Solorzano Laura Ylia

Ducette, Deborah Louise and Groudle,, Brian Todd

Robinson, Fred Boyd and Lemmon,, Carol Lyn

Calvo, Lance Alan and Diller,, Sarah Danielle

Aguilar, Aguilar German Antonio and Weishaar,, Iliana

Rydberg, Leon Carl Jr and Duong,, Bich-Khue Thi

Kenney, Robert Paul and Canseco,, Garcia Karina

Bundy, Alan Kent and Broderick,, Melissa Ann

Marcus, Arnell and Viney,, Janice Clare

Miser, Paul Richard and Millard,, Stefanie Rachelle

Daise, Jerram Daneil and Shackelford,, Andrea Azriel

Cira, Cortez Jennifer and Diaz,, Hedrey Armando

Franz, Wayne Edwin and Mickelsen,, Barbara Lee

Halle, Davis James and Shacklett,, Laura

Jimenez, Reyes Maximina and Chavez,,-Ramos David Javier

Klier, John William and Gilmore,, Kathleen Ann

Hampton, Joshua Donald and Olsen,, Laura Christine

Monson, Curt Lee and Fischer,, Raelynn

Judson, Thomas Arthur and Parks,, Kylin Gerone

Hofstedt, Rolland Wayne, and Keller,, Dianne Scott

Berg, Tristan Patrick and Blanchet,, Sarah Lyndell

Burnham, Sheryl Irene and Danielson,, Margaret Evelyn

Adcox, Heather Brooks and Vazquez,, Cruz Cristian Raul

Meisinger, Charles Robert and Tran,, Thuy Thi

Alarcon, Pineda Jose De Jesus and Medina,, Lopez Sandy Anais

Kastle, Jackson James and Felzer,, Kari Ann Elizabeth

Waslh, James Douglas and Mercado,, Mary Grace Piodena

Hungerford, Susan Marie and Lee,, Carol Ann

Byrum, Keith John and Blanchard,, Kimmi Sue

Hernandez-Herrera Conrrado and Pineda,,-Reyes Maria

Anderson, Mark Louis and Anderson,, Margary Kay

Stange, Jason Duane and Sparks,, Aaron James

Rudiger, Willow Rebecka and Collins,, Peter David

Meaker, Bruce Franklin and Hager,, Emmanuelle Constance

Fan, Xufei and Wu,, Lisu

Sow, Habib Moussa and Ndiaye,, Yaye Diass

Otgon, Baatarchuluun and Jamtsaa,, Khulan

Martin, Alexis Kavena and Silva,, Melina Denae

Gonzalez, Kenia Giselle and Ramirez,, Barroso Roberto Ivan

Somers, Brandon Anthony and West,, Amy Louise

Giebel, Tracy Aileen and Mcdaniel,, Shane Joseph

Schloer, Brittany Rose and Hawn,, Daniel James

Hantel, Pamela Susan and Barnes,, Jay Cee

Stewart, Anthony Don and Sukhanova,, Ekatreina Olegovna

Aguirre-Azuara Rosa Maria and Granstrom,, Douglas John

Barker, Hilary Cherise and Mcgovern,, David Timothy Charles

Estrella, Candy Fernandez and Salazar,, Mendez Esteban Francisco

Rhodes, Natalie Michelle and Rasmussen,, Matthew Neil

Klikan, Kodjovi and Breedlove,, Anna Marie

McCoy, Kirby Susan and Russell,, Cynthia Ann

Schwartz, Mark Steven and Carlson,, Charlene Susan

Melton, Chad Everett and Roberson,, Shauna Lee

Rucker, Garrett Braden and Frakes,, Jonathan Robert

Levitt, Anne Beth and Taha,, Mohannad

Currey, Rodney William and Shaffer,, Linda Irene

Forrest, Ralph Ray and Brown,, Susan Marie

Forehand, William Craig and Banzet,, Heather Elaine

Grumbaugh, Louard Iii and Hunter,, Nancy Lee

Black, Whitney Elise and Stein,, Shadoe Dayne

Maurer, Rachel Angeline and Davis,, Evan Austin

Marek, Agnes Leilani and Sortore,, David Lewis

Lambeth, Kourtney Ann and Martinez,, Morales Oscar

Cech, Kayla Ann and Hale,, Robert Wayne

Shirk, Justin Vern and Oviatt,, Breanne Marie

Viboch, Mark Stevens and Clark,, Penny Lee

Skogheim, Sally Katherina Annalise and Horn,, Andrew James

Satterfield, Sarah Ann and Pickett,, Catherine Lynn

Svensholt, Christoper Eirik and Mendes,, Barreto Silva Giselle

Campbell, Hope Erin and Wilkinson,, Joseph Edward

Mulia Hu-Ann and Suh,, Myung Won

Alvarenga, Jose Arquimedes and Renteria, Juana Maria

Stewart, Nicholas Garrit and Dobbie,, Robin Victoria

Carlson, Chad Joseph and Kamau,, Miriam Wanjiru

And Carter, Gregory Paul Jr and Villagomez, Evangelena Pereda

Morris, Michael Edward and Mintle, Lance Ray

Ibarra, Casillas Ruth and Nunez, Olivares Humberto

Omer, Malik Hassan Mahmood and Choudhry, Maleeha

Petersen, Shelby Lucille and Hager, Richard

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