Coronavirus outbreak

Bars, cafes and tai chi set for Everett ‘streatery’ spaces

Several places applied and were approved to claim public right-of-way room to bolster business.

Commentary: Let’s not blow a second chance to halt Covid-19

New, quicker tests would allow more effective contact tracing and speedier delivery of treatments.

Thousands are still waiting for unemployment in Washington

Some are waiting for thousands in backpay while others worry after losing the extra $600 each week.

Yay! Edmonds, Mukilteo weekend ferry runs back to 2 boats

Starting Saturday, waits for the busy crossings will still be long at times — but only half as long.

Comment: John Locke and Adam Smith would tell you to mask up

Often cited for their views on personal liberties, both men also saw a duty owed to the public good.

Washington to apply for federal $300 unemployment aid boost

The program sets the weekly federal benefit here to $300 a week, down from $600 in an earlier program.

The county feeds people and pays farmers with federal funds

The Nourishing Neighborhoods program is delivering food to residents in need and helping local farmers.

Inslee orders more COVID-19 testing for farm workers

Many new cases are appearing at farms and food-packing facilities.

‘Good news’: Average virus cases per 100K are declining here

However, the transmission rate is still considered too high for in-person learning, an official said.

Graham: Pandemic has left us all coping with anxious thoughts

Worried about the virus, your job, your kids, your worth? Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

GOP lawmakers want special session; Dems say what’s the rush

Republicans want to tackle a deficit. Gov. Jay Inslee and other Dems are waiting to see what Congress does.

Students return to Spokane’s Gonzaga, Whitworth universities

The county’s health officer said it’s inevitable that some students will become infected with COVID-19.

Commentary: What it’s like to fly again from Paine Field

With Covid safety in mind, flights are less crowded, everyone is masked and deplaning is orderly.

Commentary: With liberty and face masks for all

While some see a mask mandate as a denial of liberty, it also can assure liberty for others.

Dad watched her birth from Iraq, now she’s an online student

Digital link was a first for Everett’s Providence hospital. Now, technology lets kids learn from home.

Inslee directs $40 million to aid the undocumented

Approved applicants will receive $1,000. But payments may not be available until October.

Comment: Hybrid plan to reopen school may be riskiest

Such plans may actually increase contacts and transmission among students, teachers and community.

Study: Virus cases must drop for schools to safely reopen

Infection rates are flattening, data show, but Snohomish County is far from the recommended target.

Inslee visits Brewster, the latest virus hot spot in state

Lightly populated Okanogan County now has the highest rate of COVID-19 cases in the state.

Comment: Covid’s spread may involve more than ‘bad’ behavior

We’re seeing differences among states in how covid has flowed and ebbed. We need to learn why.