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IMF: World economy is picking up speed

Three-quarters of the globe is enjoying an upswing for the first time this decade.


Senate wants to curb protests over Pentagon contract awards

When firms such as Boeing and Lockeed Martin dispute the process it can delay programs for months


Amazon must pay $295 million in back taxes, EU says

Officials say the company has unfairly profited from special tax conditions in tiny Luxembourg.


Google drops “first click free,” loathed by many publishers

Publishers can now to choose how many, if any, free articles they offer before charging a fee.

Trump plan aims new foreign tax at Apple, other multinationals

The framework would allow the repatriation of foreign earnings after paying a low tax rate on them.

Steinbeck stepdaughter wins $13M in suit over movie rights

A federal jury in Los Angeles has awarded John Steinbeck’s stepdaughter more than $13 million in a lawsuit claiming the… Continue reading

Leaders to tech firms at UN: Remove terror posts in 2 hours

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Google-owned YouTube launched a joint counterterrorism initiative.

At UN, Trump threatens total destruction of North Korea

He told a murmuring crowd that “it is far past time” to confront Kim Jong Un.

Hurricane Maria slams Dominica and takes aim at Puerto Rico

Next in the storm’s path is St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. And Puerto Rico faces a direct hit.

Rohingya Muslims are being wiped off Myanmar’s map

More than 500,000 people have fled to neighboring Bangladesh in the past year.

Russian chopper accidentally fires on war-games spectators

State-owned media report three were injured, but the government says it never happened.

German WWI U-boat found off Belgium with 23 bodies inside

It appears that the sub may have struck a mine with its upper deck, but its hull remained sealed.

More protests planned Tuesday in St. Louis

A judge had found a white former police officer not guilty in the shooting death of a black man.

Veteran who fought library attacker among 18 Carnegie Heroes

The commission investigates stories of heroism and awards medals and cash several times a year.

GOP eyes popular tax breaks to finance overhaul

Republicans are determined to overhaul the nation’s tax code after more than three decades.

Trump calls for UN reform, but with more restrained tones

While the president chastised the U.N., he pledged that the U.S. would be “be partners in your work.”

Senate backs bill to pump $700 billion into military

Legislation expands U.S. missile defenses in response to North Korea’s growing hostility.

Charter bus barrels into NYC bus, killing 3 and injuring 16

Video appears to show the charter bus racing through the intersection without applying its brakes.

New GOP health-care measure goes further than the failed one

The political prospects for the new bill seemed to be improving by the hour on Monday.

Interior secretary recommends shrinking 6 national monuments

Two marine monuments in the Pacific Ocean also would be reduced.