What's Up With That?

Toddler’s name is Isis, but it doesn’t mean what you think

She’s 18 months old. She has a flashy Minnie Mouse car, enchanting smile and a bounce to her step. But it’s her name that grabs… Continue reading

Everett couple keeps Seattle Great Wheel spinning

They are the spokes of the Seattle Great Wheel. She runs the crowds and he runs the show. His LED displays of thousands of lights… Continue reading

Saucy new pizzamobile delivers pies around Snohomish County

You know that pizza smell that lingers in your car for days after you get a carry-out? Well, now imagine toting around 80 pies. That’s… Continue reading

Taco trailer’s gone, but Everett’s Ana Solorzano is back in the kitchen

She was there. And then she was gone. Also gone were those bundles of burrito goodness from Ana’s Casita, the bright red taco trailer by… Continue reading

Art imitates light on this Edmonds street

A colleague kept telling me about this weird runway of lights that cropped up on a street near his house in downtown Edmonds.… Continue reading

Colorful lights dress up Everett’s new Broadway Bridge

You’re driving across the Broadway Bridge at night and suddenly you’re in the middle of a light show. What’s up with that? It’s not Everett… Continue reading

T-shirts pay homage to the icons of Everett

Take a city with 105,000 people. Throw in a patriotic guy with a flag-tattooed face who waves at motorists, a 20-foot muffler man statue atop… Continue reading

Everett woman creates a garden of wacky delights

It looks like a yard sale on steroids. The lawn is covered with jewelry, lamps, clocks, poker chips, piggy banks, doodads, dominoes, decor and decorations.… Continue reading

Hollywood comes to the ‘Rescue,’ renames Everett sports bar

Hollywood action struck Hewitt Avenue again. Last week, camera crews set up shop at Ynot Sports Bar &Grub across from Xfinity Arena. It was a… Continue reading

Whidbey Island mailbox specializes in love letters only

I’m zipping along a rural stretch of Highway 525 toward Greenbank when, all of a sudden, I see a flash of pink… Continue reading

A dying request: ‘Please don’t vote for …’

The wild and crazy 2016 presidential race has expanded to a new territory: obituaries. It typically goes something like this: In lieu of flowers, the… Continue reading

Traveling roadshow is a 700-car happy traffic jam

Hundreds of cars are stuck bumper-to-bumper in multiple lanes. But this isn’t Seattle rush-hour traffic. It all takes place atop one car. What’s… Continue reading

Artist shows her love of all things Everett through cool sketches

She stands in the corner, yet she stands out. In an era when everybody captures everything with a smartphone, she has a sketchpad. That’s how… Continue reading

Home in Mukilteo on the market … for chicken lovers

Must love chickens. That, and $450,000, will get you this move-in ready four-bedroom Mukilteo house and turn-key chicken coop. “I will only sell to a… Continue reading

Whimsy is what floats this man’s sailboat in Edmonds

The blue boat sticks out like a sore thumb on this dock of serious white sailboats. Not so much the color, as what’s… Continue reading

Coffee is a Bigfoot hairy deal at this roadside Index stand

No bodacious bikini baristas at this coffee stand. The attraction is a hairy dude with big feet. And that’s if you get lucky.… Continue reading

Artist shows love of all things Everett through sketches

She stands in the corner, yet she stands out. In an era when everybody captures everything with a smartphone, she has a sketchpad. That’s how… Continue reading

Interior design meets virtual reality at Lowe’s

This is not your kid’s video game. It’s for designing a kitchen, not shooting aliens. The HoloLens mixed reality gizmo is in the cabinetry section… Continue reading

Meet Jim Freeman, Whidbey’s Conductor of Fun

WHIDBEY ISLAND — A portrait of Roy Rogers lords over the bed. A plastic Disney cartoon party banner serves as the bathroom door. Twinkling holiday… Continue reading

Everett budget appliance shop awash in wringers and comedy

They are old veterans, standing at attention. Proud. Portly. Stoic. One holds an American flag. The brigade of wringer washers stand watch in the window… Continue reading