What's Up With That?

Meet the teenage Segway tour business owner in Edmonds

You’ve probably seen Segways zipping around airports and the Seattle waterfront. The stand-up scooters on two wheels look like something from a sci-fi movie. Or… Continue reading

Birdman feeds his feathered friends on Everett waterfront

Patrick Cooper goes to the waterfront daily to see his friends. There’s Honey and Skidplate and dozens of other winged moochers. The birds… Continue reading

Pray for pennies from heaven to buy this church turned house

Pray for a windfall. This luxury estate can be yours for $2.14 million, complete with a clanging church bell. It’s a “chouse” —… Continue reading

Fidget spinners, the new weapons of mass distraction

It’s the weapon of mass distraction. What’s up with that? Fidget spinners. Little twirling gadgets that spin around a ball bearing. The toy craze that’s… Continue reading

Iconic OMG! Lake Stevens spaceship house faces demolition

It’s that wacky house that doesn’t look like any other home in town. Or in the state. Maybe even on the planet. What’s up with… Continue reading

Art that stops traffic tells story of Lynnwood’s history

This city has a lot of traffic lights, that’s for sure.  Here’s one you can toast, not cuss at. Sparkling cider will be… Continue reading

Seattle Mariners fans go gaga over grasshoppers

The Seattle Mariners’ newest snack is not only crunchy and salty, it also has legs to it. What’s up with that? Grasshoppers. Toasted with chili-lime… Continue reading

Fur flies: Salon for cats in Edmonds is a big hairy deal

It’s not every day you hear about a cat getting a blueberry facial and a shave. So my ears perked up when Herald multimedia sales… Continue reading

Dressed up skeleton is dead ringer for courthouse employee

The “Employee of the Year” at the courthouse gives some people a fright. Others get a laugh. What’s up with that? It’s Trevor/Trudy,… Continue reading

From ‘Shark Tank’ to Costco: Is Squatty Potty a bunch of crap?

I was lost in Costco nirvana, filling my cart with mega deals and my stomach with free samples, when a tower of white plastic stopped… Continue reading

Surf’s up: No waves required for surfboard workout in Mukilteo

Surfing with no waves or sharks. What’s up with that? It’s Surfset, a workout using surfboards propped on bouncy balls. “It draws a… Continue reading

Clearview phone booth-turned-mailbox packs some wham-bam-pow!

This phone booth is missing Superman. He’s gone missing. Twice. Also, it’s missing a phone. But it gets plenty of junk mail and… Continue reading

Kids pay for school lunches with the scan of a finger

It’s lunch at the push of a finger. What’s up with that? It’s biometrics, baby. The same finger scanning technology that’s on smartphones is in… Continue reading

Be a movie extra in Edmonds (and bring a friend) on Thursday

Most people go to the theater to see the show. Now can you go to be the show. What’s up with that? More than 200… Continue reading

Cinderella limo is a pumpkin of a party ride

It was sighted in Everett a few weeks ago. A white stretch limousine that looks like the offspring of Cinderella’s carriage and a UFO. No… Continue reading

Mr. Everett has arrived — and he’s a real doll

Meet Mr. Everett. He’s a real doll. The drummer with smooth brown hair and gray eyes rocks a “play loud” T-shirt under a plaid shirt.… Continue reading

Everett boutique Lovers ‘a sexual wellness place for everyone’

Some stores say satisfaction guaranteed. This one means it. Lovers is a one-stop shop for passion potions and lotions, toys and tools. Lingerie is in… Continue reading

Bagpipes, brooms and big stones — it’s curling, coming to Everett

It goes something like this. People race down the ice using brooms to push big discs that resemble Roomba robotic vacuums. They wear shoes with… Continue reading

Daiso store is wonderland of Japanese bargains

Are your chair legs cold? Is your banana getting smashed on the way to work? Need a light to get a look inside your kid’s… Continue reading

A charming Greek cobbler keeps a tradition alive in Everett

When I walked into People’s Shoe Repair on Wetmore Avenue, I was greeted by an 86-year-old man in high-waisted trousers with a thick Greek accent… Continue reading