What's Up With That?

Pedal power gets Everett family where they need to go

Sure, they have a minivan. But it’s not the main mode of travel for Brittney and Tyler Rourke when they hit the town. Instead, the… Continue reading

The brains behind the sayings on Dunn’s sign in Everett

‘Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” Does that saying sound familiar … but you just can’t pinpoint why? Maybe it was… Continue reading

On Dasher, on Donner … on your car?

Sure, Rudolph antlers are cute to wear on your head for silly photos or to top off an ugly Christmas sweater. But what in blue… Continue reading

Everett Mall corn kiosk grew from a kernel of an idea

Corn in a cup. Not on the cob. In a paper cup with a plastic spoon. That’s the menu at Tamara Corn, a kiosk in… Continue reading

Electroshock the pain away. … Seriously?

You’ve probably seen the TV ads with Shaquille O’Neal all fired up about Icy Hot Smart Relief. The NBA giant touts the benefits of treating… Continue reading

What’s up with those ‘fish crossing’ signs?

Deer Crossing signs alert motorists to be on the lookout for reckless ruminant mammals. But Fish Crossing signs? Those had Herald multimedia ad consultant Jennifer… Continue reading

Why there’s a stuffed gorilla outside an Everett vacuum store

Looming large on the sidewalk is a shaggy gorilla and a 10-foot vacuum cleaner. It’s the King Kong of Evergreen Way. But this gorilla isn’t… Continue reading

Frog Lady of Edmonds is Ripley’s material

EDMONDS — Don’t come knockin’ if this van’s a hoppin’. You might have seen Thayer Cueter’s frogmobile bopping down the highway or parked in a… Continue reading

Ambulance delivers when you have a pizza emergency

It starts out as a quiet evening, snug on the sofa watching a movie. Suddenly, lights flash through the blinds. A siren blares. You see… Continue reading

Everett man is mayor of his own street museum

Some people plunk gnomes in the front yard and call it good. Doug Swanson put out an old typewriter and sewing machine … and never… Continue reading

Why there’s a 20-foot-tall man on Hewitt Avenue

He’s that tall, handsome man standing on the roof. Slicked back hair. Blue jeans. Bodacious biceps. Chiseled face. Cocky grin. The 20-foot fiberglass humanoid has… Continue reading

1937 Packard has a colorful history and a hefty sticker price

Got an extra $70,000 lying around? You can get a screaming deal on this car. It’s that majestic lime-green machine in the glass gazebo in… Continue reading

Arlington’s ‘cone tree house’ has a story and a song

It’s like something in front of a frat house after a night of too much beer. The trees in front of the house along 67th… Continue reading

Everett store’s the place to go for salt in all forms

It’s tucked in a beige industrial strip on Everett’s Airport Road, along a stretch boasting a gun range, adult video store and Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom… Continue reading

Chiropractors Russell, Wilson team up in Everett

Meet the other Russell Wilson. Drs. Mara Russell and Jennifer Wilson, a chiropractic duo in Everett. What are the odds? Russell joined Wilson’s chiropractic practice… Continue reading

At Everett barber school, it’ll only cost you a hair

A haircut for $1? No way. Yes way. That’s what the sign on Everett Mall Way said, with “Go Hawks” above the $1 deal to… Continue reading

At Everett deli, everyone’s a Barney

He not only makes killer pastrami, he also adopts celebrities. David Barney renames the stars on his deli’s wall with his surname. Marilyn Monroe is… Continue reading

Customers feel right at home with ‘Grandpa George’

Stand in this checkout line and it sounds like everybody and his brother is the grandchild of the cashier. Here’s what you hear: “Hi, Grandpa.”… Continue reading

Hot dog purveyor Wienerschnitzel gets cool treats

For 46 years, it’s been all about the wieners. Now it’s about the ice cream, too. The hot dog chain with a cult following has… Continue reading

Papa Joe’s clock tolls for Everett CC students

The 18-foot street clock says Citizens Security National Bank on all four sides. You can bank on the time, but not at the clock. It’s… Continue reading