Becoming obvious that Trump had help from Russians

In light of the criminal charges revealed on Feb. 16 by special counsel Robert Mueller for election meddling, anyone who still sees the investigation as… Continue reading

We all must get involved to aid our country

I believe what is happening in our country is due to the lack of involvement of the people. How can we expect to have a… Continue reading

NRA’s board should fire LaPierre

It’s time for the NRA’s board of directors to use the “three strikes and you’re out” rule and fire Wayne LaPierre. Strike 1: His solution… Continue reading

Time to stand with students on gun violence

Stand with students! The time is here for sensible gun control. Please join the students and community in the #MarchForOurLives on March 24 with a… Continue reading

Commercial service at Paine Field will mean more jobs

Thanks to County Executive Dave Somers and select Snohomish County Council members, plans are proceeding at Snohomish County Airport at Paine Field to provide limited… Continue reading

Failures of officials led to deaths in Parkland, Florida

The school shooting that took 17 lives in Parkland, Florida, was an example of the failure of government on several levels, the school board and… Continue reading

Big Pharma bigger threat than the NRA

Several times now I have read, in The Herald and in other sources, that the NRA is the largest lobby in the country. This is… Continue reading

Gun owners need to take back leadership of NRA

I remember the feminists burning their bras, and the Vietnam War protesters burning their draft cards. Where are the NRA members burning their membership cards?… Continue reading

More gun laws won’t solve the underlying problems

Having spent 35 years as a manager in a major corporation, I can state without reservation that corporate executives rarely consider the root cause of… Continue reading

Trump had his chance to face gunfire during Vietnam War

I watched Trump address the state governors last month. One of the topics he covered was the Florida school shooting. He talked about the three… Continue reading

NRA’s attack on students disgusting

I cannot remember watching a spectacle as disgusting and reprehensible as the current NRA assault against students who have witnessed many of their friends and… Continue reading

Seniors deserve an exemption from school property taxes

It’s a shame that citizens that have lived in Snohomish County their whole lives and have paid property taxes for 35 or more years are… Continue reading

Vast majority of semi-automatic firearms are not a problem

Can we please set aside the hysteria and hyperbole regarding gun violence? The AR-15 is not a military weapon; it only looks like an AR-16,… Continue reading

Winter Olympics are about more than medal counts

I was sad to see a commentary by Paul Newberry, Associated Press sports columnist, “Americans over-promise, under-deliver at 2018 Olympic Games.” Since when is it… Continue reading

Don’t blame guns or the NRA for tragic shootings

Another tragic shooting, and the FBI has failed again to do their job to protect us. There are somewhere around 15 million AR-15s in circulation,… Continue reading

Ignatius: U.S. shouldn’t ignore Putin’s plea for attention

The Russian leader is a bully but the U.S. should still engage the Russians in diplomacy.

Lawmakers should raise age limit for assault rifle purchase

Assault weapon age limit Legislature must act on SB 5444 As a retired U.S. Air Force veteran, I know the extensive training that soldiers have… Continue reading

Make your opinions on opioid crisis known to officials

Thanks to the people who spoke up about drug addiction and to Sen. Patty Murray for listening to them (“Opioid users and victims to Sen.… Continue reading

Milbank: Trump is to weak to be a threat as a strongman

For all his praise of Putin, Xi and other dictators, Trump won’t put the effort into an autocracy.

Wildlife crossings necessary for animal habitat

Gary Whitley’s letter about schools instead overpasses misses an important fact (“Isn’t it better to build schools, not wildlife crossings,” The Herald, Feb. 26). No,… Continue reading