Republicans in Congress not reining Trump in

It has been nearly a year since the tyrant Donald Trump became president of the United States. I have been hoping against hope that Congress… Continue reading

Support renovation of Snohomish’s Carnegie building

In 2002, the city of Snohomish invited interested parties to present ideas for the future of the Carnegie Library. The city’s decision: repair and restore… Continue reading

Use your tax cut to buy pizza for your kids

Hurray! The Republicans in Congress passed and President Trump signed the largest tax cut in decades. Corporations get a huge permanent tax cut, from 35… Continue reading

Look at all that Trump has accomplished in his first year

I’m so tired of the Trump bashing. How about a little factual truth for a change. A rundown of what President Trump has accomplished in… Continue reading

Commentary: Relocation of mountain goats is about hunting

Overhunting of goats in the North Cascades resulted in a costly plan to move them from the Olympics.

Attorney general’s lawsuits are not funded by taxpayers

Two recent letters to the editor (Mike Shouse, Dec. 18 and John Van Dalen, Dec. 26) regarding my successful litigation against the Trump administration remind… Continue reading

Criticisms of GOP tax reforms are incorrect

Democrats and progressive activists have not been magnanimous in their tax cut defeat. They continue to parrot the misleading talking point that 83 percent of… Continue reading

Infrastructure spending, not tax cuts, would create jobs

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act does give tax cuts to most of us, long enough for them to exist as a talking point in… Continue reading

Transportation money isn’t well spent

Hoorah!! A new $1.6 million dollar widening of I-405 reduces a commuter’s travel time a few minutes! It now takes him only 75 minutes to… Continue reading

Everett City Council needs a younger voice

With the quick ascension of Cassie Franklin into the mayor’s office, the Everett City Council now has a chance to address its representation issue with… Continue reading

Growth is overburdening our roads

Thank you, Gene Kinnunen for pointing out in your Dec. 28 letter to the editor that rapid transit isn’t the answer. I live on the… Continue reading

Will Everett council appoint a districts panel as proposed?

In The Herald’s Nov. 21 editorial regarding district voting for the Everett City Council, the editorial referred to Everett City Councilmember Paul Roberts’ proposal to… Continue reading

I-695 created funding mess for state parks, other needs

The Dec, 27 Herald article, “User fees could change,” correctly points out that in the past State Parks got 80 percent of its budget from… Continue reading

Many of your fellow Americans are frustrated with Trump

A recent letter to the editor called Sid Schwab “uncivil and unable to be even-handed.” And most of the letters in the Dec. 26 paper… Continue reading

Sentence for judge’s drunken driving was too light

This is in response to the Nov. 22 letter to the editor, questioning why Superior Court Judge Mary Dingledy received a one-day jail sentence for… Continue reading

Use the state’s general fund to pay for parks

Since the state Legislature had funded the cost of the public land’s access, that money disappeared. Why not tell us what happened to it? How… Continue reading

State AG right to pursue lawsuit against Value Village

In a Dec. 26 letter to the editor, “Lawsuits show political agenda,” the writer contends Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s lawsuit against Value Village… Continue reading

Opioid distributors are working to fight their abuse

The Dec. 17 guest commentary, “Tighter rein needed on opioid makers, distributors,” highlights the complexity of treating pain in our country. Unfortunately, it also presents… Continue reading

Insurance mandate not at fault for rising premiums

The premise behind the Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandate was that with more people contributing to the insurance pool, premiums would be kept in check.… Continue reading

Reader enjoys seeing work of painter in The Herald

Thank you for the gift of another Elizabeth Person watercolor, this time gracing the front of your Dec. 14 A&E section in The Herald. She,… Continue reading