Terry and Kim Kovel

Handmade Adirondack chest with burl decoration sells for $6,150

The Adirondack style started with a chair in 1903. Many wealthy folks from the East Coast wanted a cool place to live for the summer,… Continue reading

Low-priced ‘kitsch’ no more, majolica monkey goes for $13,530

It is impossible to miss Minton majolica in a room. It usually is shaped like animals, birds, flowers or just fantasies. A tasseled, pillow-shaped garden… Continue reading

19th-century cabinets of curiosities tend to sell quickly

“Cabinet of curiosities” was the name of an important room in the 1600s and, years later, a “cabinet of curiosities” meant just a cabinet. The… Continue reading

Collectors willing to shell out big bucks for primitive pieces

Our ancestors were clever and could make many tools, containers and cooking utensils from wood or iron. It was not until the mid-19th century that… Continue reading

That’s meta: Collect dinnerware with patterns of collections

Collecting is a pastime in almost every country. Children start collecting with stones, leaves, bottle caps and free toys that came with a Happy Meal.… Continue reading

Smelling salt holders were all the rage in the 18th century

Smelling salts have been used to revive someone who is feeling faint or has lost consciousness since the days of the Romans. But it was… Continue reading

Early 19th century Dutch wall clock entertains with automata

Sometimes identifying and dating an antique seems easy, but it fools you. An unusual wall clock was offered at a recent auction. It was labeled… Continue reading

Before 20th century, Victorian furniture had many designs

Many authors define American Victorian furniture in terms of one of the many design types used from 1840 to 1900, but all of them are… Continue reading

Flora Danica dishware fit for a Danish queen

Spring brings flowers, and this year designers are using more floral prints than usual for fabrics and designs. But a picture of a plant as… Continue reading

Jeep character first appeared in Popeye comic strip in 1936

What’s a “jeep”? To a car collector or soldier, it is a special kind of vehicle that can travel over all sorts of rough terrain.… Continue reading

Strange antiques can inspire wonder about their purpose

Strange antiques and collectibles with mysterious shapes and unknown purposes are sometimes part of a larger piece. Mysterious wooden wheels with wooden spokes and about… Continue reading

Strange round cabinet mimicks those from England

Fifties furniture is very popular with vintage collectors today, but some earlier Art Deco designs from the 1930s are not in demand. Look at old… Continue reading

19th century memorabilia honored Father of Our Country

While Valentine’s Day is always Feb. 14, President’s Day can be any one of seven dates, the third Monday in February closest to the 20th.… Continue reading

Vintage homemade Valentines sell for upwards of $100

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has its roots in ancient times. But it was celebrated with gifts until the first cards appeared about 1760.… Continue reading

16th century cricket table had nothing to do with sport

16th century criquet table had nothing to do with sport

Porcelain figurine a ‘nod’ to Chinese decorations

Two types of collectors bid for a porcelain figure of a well-dressed French couple that was sold at a Southern auction in 2016. A 14-inch-high… Continue reading

‘Sewing bird’ helped 19th century women with vital chore

Sewing was an important part of the life of a woman during the 17th and 18th centuries. There was no sewing machine; everything was hand-stitched.… Continue reading

Serious Santa Claus tree stand an unusual find

All the early Christmas trees were freshly cut trees from a nearby forest. By the 19th century in America, the fresh trees were brought into… Continue reading

Punch bowl featuring punchy puppet picks up thousands

If you were getting ready for the traditional Christmas party in 1860s England, you might have been searching the storage cupboards for the holiday punch… Continue reading

Kilroy bank worth cold hard cash

Remember hearing “Kilroy was here”? Kilroy is a famous “doodle” seen during World War II. No one is sure exactly where it began, but in… Continue reading