Street Smarts

With new vendor, state says some tolling issues will improve

One switch puts each billing and customer service function out to bid.

Who owns and maintains park-and-ride lots? It’s complicated

A tangle of three transportation agencies and other public entities are involved in maintenance.

Why those annoying steel plates are on Broadway in Everett

They cover voids left by a disintegrated wooden pipe. It could be weeks before they’re filled.

‘Kathy is right’: WSDOT takes up Smokey Point off-ramp issue

New paint and a sign go in at the northbound I-5 off-ramp to 172nd Street in response to a reader.

Traffic concerns linger as new Pilot J nears grand opening

A traffic study estimated the addition of 3,465 trips to the new Pilot Travel Center at Highway 530.

Missing road paint made for a scary right turn

The turn lane from the Mukilteo Speedway to Lincoln Way and Highway 99 now is properly marked.

Those divots are dowels: Weird hash marks on I-90 explained

WSDOT gives a curious reader a very detailed explanation of how they fix pavement.

What good are planting strips when all they grow are weeds?

When there’s no homeowner to maintain greenery next to a sidewalk, the county mows — but infrequently.

New bus-only shoulder lane to open on southbound I-5 soon

Later this month, buses are expected to have a way to escape morning backups.

Commuters: What would make you ditch the solo drive?

Few commuters use transit or carpool. You’re likely one of them. What stands in the way?

Need for speed drives design of new Swift bus stops

The Swift Green line is to open next spring. It will connect Boeing with the Canyon Park area.

Holy traffic, bus driver! To the BAT lanes!

The newest bus rapid transit lanes are on 128th Street leading to the I-5 on-ramps.

Rain wins, for now: Remaining US 2 work put off until spring

The dry season has ended, so a moisture-sensitive repaving project on the trestle is postponed.

Have a look at the unspecific long-range Edmonds ferry plan

The latest proposal by Washington State Ferries leaves open the possibility of relocating the terminal.

Maltby Cafe’s cinnamon rolls are safe from highway project

Three proposals for a Highway 522 interchange all protect local businesses.

Walkers and drivers in Sultan will get rail safety reminders

Awareness campaign aims to reduce deaths and injuries on tracks.

Traffic fixes on the way for clogged-up I-5

The state plans to open the northbound shoulder to traffic between Everett and Marysville.

In tight alleys, courteous driving is the guiding rule

Also, there is no posted speed limit, which indicates they are 25 mph.

Abandoned shopping carts are a public nuisance

Some cities have laws making stores retrieve stolen carts when they are reported. But not here.

Highway 9 roundabout construction delayed until spring

Work was supposed to begin months ago, but additional design work became necessary.