Street Smarts

Why is that Wi-Fi sign on I-5? We travel back to 2006 …

It’s supposed to steer drivers toward the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau in Lynnwood.

Refresher course: Back-to-school rules of the road

As classes resume, here’s what you need to know about school zones, school buses and more.

As always, holiday traffic hard to predict

Your best bet for hitting the road for Labor Day is to leave early in the morning or wait until night.

Readers raise safety concerns at busy Smokey Point interchange

Drivers and pedestrians both have issues over who’s got the right of way.

Just us, or are the US 2 trestle expansion joints noisier?

More work is coming to smooth out the ride over the newly paved bridge.

We’ve got the scoop on 63 tons per day of poop

Nearly every city in Snohomish County has a law requiring pet owners to pick up their pets’ waste.

Marine Drive opens after six-week closure for slide repairs

The repaired road is between Warm Beach and Stanwood.

Speed bumps, speed humps are going away as popularity fades

Studies show many drivers speed up between humps to “make up for lost time.”

Weekend US 2 trestle closure is expected to create a mess

Detours this time will be much longer, and Highway 9 in particular is expected to be jammed.

Work on roundabout on Highway 9 near Marysville is delayed

The work is on the new intersection is expected to resume after Labor Day.

When it’s OK for a motorcycle — or bicycle — to run a red light

Like for instance when a traffic signal doesn’t know you’re there.

Too many close calls at Paine Field Boulevard and 84th SW

WSDOT engineers are taking a look at the intersection, but mostly recommend driving cautiously.

Railroad crossing near Woodinville to get upgrades

The county once planned to develop a park with ball fields, but backed off after the locals resisted.

New roundabout will serve as ‘gateway’ to Tulalip

A new roundabout intersection under construction in Tulalip will serve an expanded casino and serve as a “gateway” to tribal land. Crews are installing a… Continue reading

Ferry sails almost empty to transport its workers

It’s a test to see if on-time staff helps avoid crew-shortage delays, but commuters call it a waste.

Q&A (Part 2) about the state’s pay-per-mile tax pilot project

For example: “What do trucks, buses and cars that drive through our state pay?”

No short-term fix for Highway 522 cheaters

The stretch of Highway 522 where the road has yet to be widened, between Paradise Lake Road and the Snohomish River Bridge, is a notorious… Continue reading

On 522, the only thing slower than cars and fish is money

A lawmaker says bottlenecks and habitat-blocking culverts are not getting solved any time soon.