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You Call Me Crazy Like It’s a Bad Thing

By Jennifer / Everett Public Library staff When you’re a kid, making friends is effortless. You’d eyeball one another on the playground for exactly three… Continue reading

Interview: Novelist (and Herald writer) Jennifer Bardsley

By Carol / Everett Public Library staff Readers, I have a special treat for you today! As the library ramps up in preparation for her… Continue reading

Audie awards honor audiobook narrators of distinction

To find links to these and other audiobooks, visit the Everett Public Library website. By Richard / Everett Public Library staff I’ve always found choosing… Continue reading

Review: Finding levity in the oddity of these books’ stories

By Richard, Everett Public Library staff I’ve always had a weakness for stories that live at the intersection of funny and weird. Straight up hilarious… Continue reading

Review: ‘Evicted’ details tenant, landlord life on housing fringe

By Sarah, Everett Public Library staff Enjoy this last review from intrepid librarian Sarah as she heads off into a bright future: Evicted: Poverty and… Continue reading

February’s top new book releases at Everett Public Library

from established, new, and emerging authors — are some of the most anticipated new releases of the… Continue reading

Finding comfort in jazz, swing, Celtic, folk, and punk music

By Ron, Everett Public Library staff In times of stress and tribulation, some turn to comfort food. But I find my comfort in music. A… Continue reading

‘The Girl Before’ a page-turning psychological mystery thriller

By Margo, Everett Public Library staff The Girl Before by JP Delaney is not my typical feel good read, in fact it is anything but!… Continue reading

Finding self-care stability in uncertain times

By Carol, Everett Public Library staff I’m having a difficult time right now coping with some new realities in my life. Work is high-pressure this… Continue reading

Review: Compelling empathy in ‘My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me’

By Linda, Everett Public Library staff My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me by Jennifer Teege Jennifer was adopted when she was 7. She remembers a… Continue reading

Review: Nuanced tale of Everett Massacre in “100 Years Ago Tomorrow”

By Lisa, Everett Public Library staff Last year the Everett Public Library undertook a project to re-frame the conversation about the series of events that… Continue reading

Review: Crazy family of ‘First Time She Drowned’ made me feel normal

By Jennifer, Everett Public Library staff I can’t imagine being 15 and waking up one morning to find my parents descending on me a with… Continue reading

Diving deep on (books about) the intelligence of octopuses

By Richard, Everett Public Library staff Everyone seems to have a favorite nominee for “smartest animal.” Many prefer the much-lauded chimpanzee or dolphin, but crows,… Continue reading

Spot-Lit anticipated new book releases for January 2017

many from debut authors — are some of the most anticipated new releases of the month, based… Continue reading

How author, former pimp, Iceberg Slim led the way for ‘urban lit’

By Sarah, Everett Public Library staff Urban lit are the type of books that normally take place in a big city, and can take on… Continue reading

Music Wrap Up! The music I listened to in 2016

By Ron, Everett Public Library staff 2016 was the first year in which I set out to listen to as many new albums as possible.… Continue reading

Behind ‘The Egg’ that hatched ‘Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’ author’s career

By Joan, Everett Public Library staff When Pacific Northwest writer Betty MacDonald’s first book, The Egg and I, was published in 1945 it was not… Continue reading

Discovering two authors’ talents, faults in ‘Greene on Capri’ by Shirley Hazzard

By Heartwood, Everett Public Library staff This blog post is prompted by the news that Shirley Hazzard died this past December at age 85. It’s… Continue reading

Realistic post-apocalypse in ‘Book of the Unnamed Midwife’ challenges gender roles

By Kathy, Everett Public Library staff Who needs a good apocalyptic, end-of-the-world story during the holidays? You’re welcome. It’s better than fruitcake. Meg Elison’s The… Continue reading

All I wanted for Christmas was time to read these books

By Carol, Everett Public Library staff Time, that precious and fleeting commodity. Like sand through the hourglass indeed, time just seems to slip right through… Continue reading