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Ambiguity of ‘The Invisibility Cloak’ by Ge Fei is tantalizing

The story of a man offered to build an incredible sound system delves into odd turns and noir.

Celebrating Black History Month through an Everett woman’s life

Mrs. Jennie Samuels was the founder of the Nannie Burroughs Study Club in Everett.

What your young child should read this year

Some of the ALA Youth Media Award winners worth checking out at Everett Public Library.

Vultures, squids, flies, jellyfish deserve your appreciation

Books about unloved animals shed new light for Everett Public Library staffer.

Powerful, empathetic, page-turning novels about hate’s impact

“Dear Martin,” “The Stars Beneath Our Feet,” and “Long Way Down” are worthwhile reading.

The real angry birds (and other irate, dangerous animals)

Several books and movies explain truly angry birds, like the Southern cassowary.

New titles to check out from Everett Public Library

February 2018 offers dozens of worthwhile listens, reads and watches.

Kick off a literary 2018 with Everett Public Library

Get plugged in with a book club, meet authors and diversify your reading this year.

More Everett Public Library favorite music of 2017

Celtic punk, funk, psychedelic, alt-country and more genres made the list.

Reflecting on redrum, Stephen King’s top tale of terror

‘The Shining’ remains a favorite of this Everett Public Library staffer for diving into true horror.

Excellent short fiction from 2017 worth reading

Find titles about women, anxieties, attraction, children’s stories, and more at Everett libraries.

Overcome your fear of death, in a book title at least

Three novels about death worth reading at Everett Public Library.

Everett’s mayoral history: 3 Canadians, 2 Danish, and 1 Dutch

Everett Public Library digs into the city’s executive past.

January’s top titles available at Everett Public Library

Some of the new publications worth checking out this month.

Books to love and share with young readers

Everett Public Library offers some stories to grab, retain attentions from toddler to 9 years old.

Information for canning, growing, and singing tomatoes

Everett Public Library has a host of books and videos about tomatoes.

Rocked and popped: The best of those music genres in 2017

From riot grrrl to chamber pop, we were all ears when we played these albums.

The Cat Lady rounds up the best books of 2017

And guess what, they’re all about cats. And humans. A dog here and there. But mostly cats.

Listen up! Here are the library’s new winter music arrivals

Our last roundup of music for 2017 includes a variety of genres.

Kanopy: On-demand video streaming from the public library

It’s all free — all you need is an Everett Public Library card.