A Reading Life

How the ’80s sound came to be and why it’s so great

From the B-52’s to the Cars, Kraftwerk and Joy Division, snyth music spawned a lot of hits.


Check out some of this month’s top new books at the library

Everett Public Library has these new releases ready or on hold for November 2018.


Find out what issues matter to you, then vote

Everett Public Library has plenty of books that dig into the current topics at stake in elections.


‘Black Mad Wheel’ is an eery, supernatural tale

Josh Malerman’s novel follows an Army band’s investigation into a sickening noise.

Adventure awaits in tale about Robert Louis Stevenson

Brian Doyle’s “The Adventures of John Carson in Several Quarters of the World” is an ode.

‘Guapa’ and ‘The Leavers’ tackle the challenge of motherlessness

Saleem Haddad and Lisa Ko’s novels are an intricate look at identity destruction and formation.

‘People in the Room’ is captivating, unsettling, and poetic

Norah Lange’s short novel follows a teen girl’s obsession with three women who live across the street.

Why don’t we still carve turnips instead of pumpkins?

Explore the history of Halloween and jack-o-lanterns in these books at Everett Public Library.

Book review: ‘Florida’ has masterful language, compelling tales

Lauren Groff’s stories are a fevered, humid, beautiful and dangerous imagining of the Sunshine State.

10 albums to listen to during the zombie apocalypse

Everett Public Library recommends music by the Sonics, Louis Armstrong, Devo and Ramones.

Feminist stories and tales for young minds worth reading

Some top choices from the 2019 Amelia Bloomer List are available at the Everett Public Library.

Check out these new titles from Everett Public Library

October’s new releases are frightful, monumental, sharp and shocking.

‘Sadie’ is a revenge story about sibling love and a life on hold

Courtney Summers’ story is told in alternating transcripts of a crime podcast and Sadie’s journey.

Robert Kurson’s ‘Pirate Hunters’ has danger, treasure, pirates

The true story of famed divers John Mattera and John Chatterton is exhilarating and fascinating.

All about crocodiles, their strength, and rubber bands

Everett Public Library has a collection of crocodile-related materials to check out.

Take a strange trip through ‘Noah Hypnotik’s’ teen-aged mind

David Arnold again shows his talent for capturing all the weirdness of being a teen.

‘Northland’ is part travelogue, part history lesson of US-Canada border

Porter Fox’s book also explores contemporary issues unique of the areas from Maine to Washington.

Behold your Northwest music heritage!

Local musicians will be discussed Saturday, and there will be music! Perhaps you will want to take notes.

Dystopian ‘Vox’ paints a future of silenced women

Despite the horror, discerning readers will find happiness and wit in the powerful novel.

‘How to Hang a Witch’ is ‘Mean Girls’ meets ‘The Crucible’

The book is about family history that keeps repeating itself, ghostly love, and modern witchcraft.