Commentary: Include employee profit-sharing in tax reform

Tying corporate tax reform to profit-sharing would provide a fairer share for the middle class.

Viewpoints: Who’s going to clean up Equifax’s mess?

You are, for starters. But there are things that credit agencies could do to secure your data.

Commentary: There’s room for a diplomatic North Korea solution

President Trump has the opportunity to use diplomacy to keep North Korea in check. Tweets won’t work.

Comment: Sinclair, Tribune merger would be bad for local TV

Sinclair broadcasting’s acquisition of 42 stations, including KCPQ, would be bad for local TV.

Viewpoint: America returns to battlegrounds of Vietnam

Ken Burns’ new PBS documentary could lead to discussion and reconciliation, but it won’t be easy.

Commentary: Insurance coverage may not ensure better health

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Commentary: What we can do to give all Americans a voice

By Ron Young Violence at recent demonstrations and counter demonstrations reveals the need for cities and states, with support from Congress, to refuse protest permits… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Why Congress should keep DACA dream alive

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Commentary: AWB’s Manufacturing Week shows how we’re making it

By Kris Johnson Washington makes great things. In addition to the best airplanes in the world, we also make one of the world’s fastest rowing… Continue reading

Commentary: Is any state fund safe during a budget year?

By Brendan Williams In 2007, following a years-long legislative push, Washington state adopted a paid family leave law. Much fanfare accompanied the new law’s passage,… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Harvey refocuses TV media’s attention on real news

By Lorraine Ali Los Angeles Times Something unusual happened to national television news this week. News. Footage of reporters in soggy rain slickers and melting… Continue reading

Commentary: We can heal divisions by working for equity

By Allison Warren-Barbour Equity. It’s a buzzword that’s gained a lot a traction in recent years and rightfully so. Nonprofits revere it, businesses strive for… Continue reading

Commentary: Everett council should respect push for districts

By Lois Wentink The Herald’s Aug. 1 article, “Vote on districting unlikely,” did not reflect the mood and energy at the public hearing during the… Continue reading

Commentary: GOP tax reform could boost state’s economy, jobs

By Paul Guppy On Thursday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan visited the vast Boeing Everett factory, a building almost as large as Vatican City.… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Don’t believe the rumors of a second civil war

the cliche of a second civil war. “America is currently fighting… Continue reading

Commentary: Others’ health care too costly, until your diagnosis

By Tom LaBelle When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, a hyper metastatic nephroma, the only things they had were surgery and mustard gas. Yes,… Continue reading

Commentary: More discussion needed on marijuana policy

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Commentary: Rushed ‘fix’ of Hirst ruling won’t solve water woes

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Viewpoints: What happens in the shadow of the moon

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Commentary: Advice from a former resident on Everett’s failure

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