In Our View

Editorial: No need to conceal state employees’ birthdates

A bill drafted to stop release of state workers’ birthdates could hamper media investigations.

Editorial: County council should step back from hiring review

A new ordinance adds bureaucracy that will make timely hires difficult for department heads.

Editorial: Reject Trump cuts of EPA programs in state

Every state relies on a vital EPA, but its work is especially clear here and throughout our state.

Editorial: Everett schools bond builds path toward careers

It would build a fourth high school, and allow a program for high-tech careers at all high schools.

Editorial: Everett’s new mayor maps out her goals

Mayor Franklin’s plans for public safety, economic development and civic engagement merit support.

Editorial: Lake Stevens Library bond merits voters’ support

Like its school district levies, the library bond is a needed investment in a quickly growing city.

Editorial: Not just saving lives but turning them around

Bills establishing diversion centers in Everett and Spokane will aid those with opioid addictions.

Editorial: Judge rightly applies records law to legislators

As the very name implies, the Public Records Act, first adopted in 1972, applies to state lawmakers.

Editorial: Don’t break the link between tests and graduation

Ending the testing requirement for a high school diploma would be a disservice to all students.

Editorial: Help community colleges meet job training needs

Lost in the focus on K-12 school funding, have been the needs of community and technical colleges.

Editorial: Eminent domain isn’t popular, but it’s fair

Everett Public Schools’ condemnation process assures fairness for property owners and taxpayers.

Editorial: Act would help solve looming elder care crisis

As our society ages, we have to make a provision for family members’ and our own long-term care.

Editorial: A nuclear war planner’s warning to U.S. and world

Daniel Ellsberg, famous for the Pentagon Papers, has more to say about U.S. plans for nuclear war.

Editorial: Put all district options on the table for Everett

The city council should consider a ballot measure for council districts. Districts Now can join in.

Editorial: Trump, Sessions surrendering to opioids

Jeff Sessions’ decision to go after legal marijuana ignores the greater threat of opioid addiction.

Editorial: State lawmakers have lot to prove and get done

Much was left undone after last year. With elections this year, voters will be looking for results.

Editorial: Time’s up on distracted driving law’s grace period

Drivers stopped for holding their phone while driving now can be fined $136 for the first offense.

Editorial: Amtrak derailment a train wreck of factors

A final report is years off, but it’s not hard to ascertain what contributed to the Dec. 18 wreck.

Editorial: Time to pass on Discover Pass for state parks

A report recommends ending the pass program, and instead levying a fee on all vehicle license tabs.

Editorial: Community thanks two leaders for their service

Mayor Ray Stephanson and EdCC President Jean Hernandez are honored by those who worked with them.