Paul Schoenfeld

It’s better to give your children rewards than punishments

Paul Schoenfeld explains how positive reinforcement is far more effective than negative with kids.


Share and heal: Speak up about your feelings before its too late

Don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Small disappointments can grow into major resentments.


Look ahead to the new year, but take a look back at 2017 first

Use the last few days of December to prepare for the new year.


Parenthood training takes a lifetime of education

Very few of us have formal education in parenting. Our main instruction came from the universal course called “Watching Our Parents 201.” Our parents, in… Continue reading

Relationship do’s and don’ts: Lessons from 40 years of marriage

Paul Schoenfeld reflects on what he’s learned about relationships after four decades with his wife.

Give yourself the gift of self-care this holiday season

Here are some tips on how to deal with feelings of loss during this festive time of the year.

A recipe for a well-seasoned holiday

We all have stresses that detract from the experience, so let go of the less-meaningful traditions.

In this hectic life, it’s important to stop, listen and look

Columnist Paul Schoenfeld says to put down your phone and re-experience stillness, wonder and grace.

How to maintain your life’s balance amid change

Columnist Paul Schoenfeld shares some techniques for working toward a sense of stability.

Celebrate the courage of sexual harassment victims who speak up

Taking advantage of others is a human flaw, but so is silence, which maintains an evil status quo.

Our later years leaves us too much time for drinking

After retirement, happy hours may start earlier and last longer.

Turn on the lights: How to fight SAD symptoms this winter

Columnist Paul Schoenfeld lists ways to curb Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms when it’s dark out.

Self-esteem is important, and it’s not the same as net worth

Having it all doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. Self-worth is the most important kind of wealth.

Workplace challenges: Getting along with difficult co-workers

Are you having trouble with a teammate? Paul Schoenfeld has some advice for working well together.

How to cope with tragedies — even distant ones

Writes Dr. Paul Schoenfeld: Talk about your feelings and acknowledge your fears.

Don’t wait for a natural disaster to reach out to others

Columnist Paul Schoenfeld shares his thoughts on gratitude, resilience and building community.

Now is the time to assess your student’s back-to-school plan

Take a good look at how your kids are managing their new routine, class, teacher(s) and homework.

This father’s reflections on the joys and fears of parenthood

I loved having children. It’s been one of the high points of my life. I remember when they were babies. I would hold them close,… Continue reading

Family members pursue path to serenity at Al-Anon

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend an Al-Anon meeting with a family member. Alcoholism and substance abuse are equal opportunity diseases… Continue reading

Tips to have a smoother transition into the new school year

I can’t believe it! The long, warm days of summer are coming to an end. And what a summer it has been! Aside from some… Continue reading