Paul Schoenfeld

Listen, don’t lecture: How to increase your parenting IQ

It will take time to integrate the skills from Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish’s books into your parenting toolbox.

Marriage basics: How to resolve your relationship conflicts

The top five sources of conflict in relationships? Sex, money, children, in-laws and household chores.

Dr. Paul on how to bring yourself back into the now

Thinking about the future or the past isn’t bad, but it’s important to be able to shift our attention to the present.

Dr. Paul on the five signs you’ve been a successful parent

If your adult kids are struggling right now — does that mean that you didn’t do a good job? Absolutely not!

Dr. Paul’s thoughts on developing your own parenting philosophy

Read widely, but don’t overlook your own inner wisdom. As Dr. Spock said, you know more than you think you do.

How to cultivate a ‘big mind’ to deal with everyday stresses

Meditation, yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, prayer and breathing practices can help you find inner peace.

Six things to think about as the new school year is starting

Regardless of the growing excitement about going back to school, there also can be mounting anxiety.

What should we tell our kids? Tell them the truth, always

There is a difference between not telling a child everything about a complicated life event and telling them a boldface lie.

Take it from me: Advice for couples in long-term relationships

The top two lessons to learn are 1) don’t give unsolicited advice and 2) don’t try to change your partner.

Dr. Paul: Looking within yourself helps build your self-esteem

Courageous endeavors, acts of loving kindness and helping oneself and others improves self-respect.

Dr. Paul on mothers and fathers surviving the adolescence war

Summertime on the home front: Teens still need adult authority and limits — even if it is only to rebel against.

How to cope with pandemic letdown in face of delta variant

It’s not over until it’s over. The whole world is still dealing with a COVID-19. It is OK to be disappointed and sad.

Take long view on the big and small decisions of parenthood

It’s important to consider the bigger picture — the values and traits you hope to nurture in your children.

Having a midlife crisis? It’s a good time for reflection

Middle age presents great opportunities to reshape your priorities for the coming decades.

Parenting 201: Developing relationships with your adult children

They have to decide what kind of adult relationship they want to have with us, too — close, distant, or something in between.

Rewards, not punishment, the more effective parenting tool

Rewarding positive behavior in your children encourages cooperation and community-minded deeds.

Has the pandemic messed up your sleep? These tips can help

In March, The American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that close to 60% of people surveyed said their sleep was troubled.

After a tough year, don’t get your hopes up for summer vacation

If you leave your expecations at home, you’re more likely to enjoy your family trip. Here are some tips.

You’re not lazy: The psychology behind procrastination

Psychologists say we procrastinate to avoid unpleasant emotions associated with a task, not the work itself.

When it’s all said and done, remember what’s truly important

Love is what that sustains us, defines us and connects us to each other in the lives we live.