In Our View

Editorial: State must spend more on anti-smoking programs

The state enjoys a windfall from a 1997 settlement but uses very little of it as intended.

Editorial: Investment needed now for U.S. 2 trestle, I-405

Traffic on the county’s major corridors is getting worse, and improvements — and funding — are needed.

Editorial: Public comments on grizzlies’ return ignored

The decision to halt review of the bears’ return to the North Cascades disregards a public process.

Editorial: Open internet now up to Congress, Legislature

With the FCC vote to end net neutrality, federal and state officials need to restore the rules.

Editorial: Coordinated effort a good cure for opioid crisis

Agencies are using their response to emergencies to guide their work in fighting an epidemic.

Editorial: Congress must renew children’s insurance program

Some 9 million children depend on CHIP for health care. Not renewing it would be costly and cruel.

Editorial: Don’t reverse rule on oil train brakes

The Trump administration, in its haste to reverse an Obama-era rule, is jeopardizing public safety.

Editorial: Yet another owner for The Everett Clinic

After its brief time with DaVita, uncertainty returns for the clinic with its sale to an insurer.

Editorial: Of wedding cakes, bikini baristas and free speech

Two court cases examine our respect for rights when they appear to be in conflict with each other.

Editorial: Low turnout points to a failure in civic lives

Low voter turnout is a result — but also a cause — in the decline in civic engagement.

Editorial: Our gifts make a difference in community and world

The Herald’s Snohomish County Gives shows where your gift of time and money can help.

Editorial: DACA’s protections must be made law now

Public support for Dreamers — immigrants brought here as children — is clear.

Editorial: FCC should delay decision because of fake comments

The agency should reopen comments on net neutrality after it failed to verify submitted comments.

Editorial: Barring firearms from Senate galleries right move

Legislative leaders should follow the lead of Lt. Gov. Habib and extend the ban to hearing rooms.

Editorial: Don’t put citizen highway panel on road to nowhere

Unofficial advice to dead-end the state Transportation Commission could limit the public’s voice.

Editorial: Lawmakers should end their public record exemption

By court decision or legislation, state lawmakers should be subject to the state’s transparency act.

Editorial: Save some shopping for Small Business Saturday

Patronizing businesses in your hometown promotes the local economy and supports jobs. And it’s fun.

Editorial: State’s VW windfall should electrify transportation

With nearly $113 million from the settlement, the state plans to switch buses and more to electric.

Editorial: Give Everett residents say on council districts

A ballot proposal switching the city council to district representation requires a public process.

Editorial: School funding half-full, half-empty, but not ample

The Supreme Court says the state’s school funding plan won’t meet its deadline. So there’s work to do.