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Daydream is over; GOP must work with Democrats on ACA fix

Editorial: The Senate should end its latest ACA repeal effort and continue bipartisan talks.

Why Snohomish County should shoot for Amazon’s HQ2

Editorial: Not that we have a real shot at it, but because of what else we might attract here.

States’ report puts voter fraud claims in proper perspective

Editorial: A review by the state shows questionable ballots by only 74 of 3.36 million votes cast.

Eyman needs to end his ‘B.S.’ protests over voters guide

Editorial: The county auditor has made the right call to keep ‘B.S.’ out of the voters guides.

Parker: How the Democrats won the White House

Trump may get more done for the Democrats than Clinton could have with a GOP-dominated Congress.

Nonprofit effort looks to connect Stilly Valley to internet

With internet access spotty in rural areas, residents are creating a member-owned provider.

Editorial: No grounds for bikini baristas to sue Everett

By The Herald Editorial Board The legal arguments are nearly as skimpy as the bikini barista outfits they seek to protect. Several baristas and the… Continue reading

Editorial: Compass Health’s 115th year caring for kids, adults

By The Herald Editorial Board Slowly, if excruciatingly so, attitudes regarding mental illness appear to be changing for the better, with more recognizing that those… Continue reading

Editorial: Congress must act quickly to protect Dreamers

By The Herald Editorial Board No one should be surprised that President Trump would seek to end President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.… Continue reading

Editorial: Lawmakers, court, far from done with McCleary

By The Herald Editorial Board State lawmakers may have believed they had largely resolved K-12 school funding issues and put the McCleary lawsuit behind them… Continue reading

Editorial: Getting help to Houston after Harvey

By The Herald Editorial Board The images and stories from the greater Houston area following Hurricane Harvey tear at and touch the heart at the… Continue reading

Editorial: Filing a flight plan for tax fairness, jobs, growth

By The Herald Editorial Board On the same floor where Boeing’s Everett workers assemble its jetliners, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan talked with the workers… Continue reading

Editorial: Keep working to fix culverts, restore fish habitat

By The Herald Editorial Board Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is walking a fine line. Ferguson, in appealing a federal court ruling to the… Continue reading

Editorial: Honor the best of past without denying the worst

By The Herald Editorial Board The drive to remove statues and other memorials to figures of Civil War Confederates has gained speed and attention following… Continue reading

Editorial: SnoPUD seeking balance for its solar incentive

but not our unprotected eyes — are focused on the sun for Monday’s eclipse, let’s consider… Continue reading

Editorial: Finding our voice to oppose bigotry, hatred

By The Herald Editorial Board There’s a rally Sunday morning in the plaza of the Snohomish County Courthouse campus in downtown Everett. We should go.… Continue reading

Editorial: WSU’s new home fulfills a dream, extends a promise

By The Herald Editorial Board T.J. Hancock, a 9-year-old student at Granite Falls’ Monte Cristo Elementary School, patiently followed his grandmother as they toured Washington… Continue reading

Editorial: A chance to protect a ‘jewel’ of Lake Serene hike

by the looks of the parking lot on some weekends — the state’s most… Continue reading

Editorial: Facing 37 opioid overdoses in one week

By The Herald Editorial Board It’s a chilling snapshot. A week’s worth of data that is both frightening and illuminating. Working with hospital emergency rooms,… Continue reading