Isn’t it better to build schools, not wildlife crossings?

Aren’t children more important than animals? Regarding the story in the Feb. 19 Herald, “Animal overpass project now visible to westbound motorists”: An animal crossing… Continue reading

Can opinions on guns really change?

And so, via radio call-in shows, newspaper online comment sites, TV opinion panels —round and round we go, attempting to pinpoint the causes of the… Continue reading

Let’s help each other to develop healthy behaviors

I know for a fact that it is much better to try to help people and show kindness than it is to lead people into… Continue reading

National gun permit system, other steps to consider

I propose that we implement a national permit system. You can own a gun and carry it concealed anywhere in the U.S. only if you… Continue reading

Snohomish mayor’s process in hiring staffer wasn’t transparent

At the Feb. 20 Snohomish City Council meeting, Mayor John Kartak announced his appointment of Steve Schuller to the position of city administrator. Mr. Schuller… Continue reading

Gun control slogans won’t save any lives

I am all for gun control. I am married to a teacher and have been assured that my wife and my future grandchildren will be… Continue reading

NRA has become a menace to nation

I grew up on a farm. I learned to shoot when I was 8 years old and was hunting on my own by age 10.… Continue reading

Proposal to replace SNAP with canned goods not answer

I can’t think of a worse way to “help” those on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program than sending a box of food that is someone… Continue reading

Readers appreciates the variety of viewpoints

What a surprise to open up the Opinion Page last Friday morning to Larry Simoneaux and Marc Thiessen and have a different perspective on two… Continue reading

We’re losing sleep, more over switch to daylight saving time

An open letter to our legislators regarding quality of life: As the divide increases between the working class and the more privileged, I earnestly ask… Continue reading

Bias against fat people still seen as acceptable by many

It’s amazing how there are certain things we buy into without question. And I mean everyone: the general public, scientists, the media, medical professionals, politicians,… Continue reading

Lynnwood’s 168th Street doesn’t need new bike lanes

I oppose the changes on Lynnwood’s 168th Street to add raised bike lanes and multi-use paths. Here’s why: This is a heavily traveled route for… Continue reading

What is the purpose of assault weapons?

I remember as a kid if you owned a BB gun or a slingshot you were hot stuff. Nowadays, even a handgun doesn’t really impress… Continue reading

Why should Republicans fear more voters?

So Republican Rep. Morgan Irwin, R-Enumclaw, does not believe that the states should be laboratories where new laws are tried out (“Democrats seek automatic and… Continue reading

Divisiveness keeping us from solution to gun violence

In years past, in the Midwest where I came from, you could drive through high school parking lots and see students’ pickups with gun racks… Continue reading

Give Dreamers a path to citizenship

At least 78 percent of Americans are in favor of giving the Dreamers a path to citizenship. We all know that it will cost employers… Continue reading

Write and call your lawmakers on gun legislation

Yet another mass shooting has devastated an American town. The usual expressions of sympathy were offered. The usual demands for stronger protections were made, and… Continue reading

Dreamers have earned the right to citizenship

As a former elementary school counselor in a school district with a high percentage of immigrants, I know the Dreamers well. The majority of them… Continue reading

Story missed reasons for increase in gang activity

As usual The Herald completely neglects the elephant in the room with its article on the increase of gang activity in south Everett (“Gang activity… Continue reading

Students need to lead protests on gun laws

The students must lead because the adults won’t. The students should organize all across the country and demand a lot more money and resources for… Continue reading