League supports 5-2 plan for Everett council districts

The draft memo on geographic representation for Everett City Council presented by Councilmember Paul Roberts to the Council on Nov. 11, has some serious flaws.… Continue reading

President Trump has accomplished a great deal

Trump is on a roll. He has been received as a great leader in the Middle East and on his recent Asia trip. He has… Continue reading

Rep. Larsen’s super-delegate choice led to Trump presidency

In his Oct. 29 guest commentary, “Efforts continue to step back from nuclear brink,” David C. Hall said, “Rep. Rick Larsen .., is a truly… Continue reading

Safe-injection sites only condone the addiction

The Nov. 18 Herald article, “‘Safe’ sites aren’t popular,” says that studies have shown a drop in overdoses with such sites in other countries. I… Continue reading

Deputy’s response was skilled, cool-headed

I want to applaud The Herald for highlighting the bravery, patience and skills of Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Sweeney (“Deputy calms armed confrontation,” The Herald, Nov.… Continue reading

Lake Stevens students staged a great ‘Sister Act’

We recent saw the musical “Sister Act” at Lake Stevens High School. Not only was it lively and fun for actors and audience, the actors… Continue reading

Reader enjoys high school sports coverage throughout year

Thanks to The Herald for the great high school sports reporting through the school year, especially Snohomish High School. Chuck Kaysner Bothell… Continue reading

Retired nurse impressed with level of care at Providence

I am a retired nurse of many years and still critique hospital care. Recently I was very ill and at Everett Providence Hospital. I was… Continue reading

Thankful for love beyond words from friends and family

So here I am, drawing on memories of what makes a true friend and who we need to thank the dear whoever for. In my… Continue reading

GOP tax bill won’t serve majority of Americans

As the Republicans work furiously to prepare their Christmas present for Mr. Trump and the rich 5 percent, I wonder what miracles could occur if… Continue reading

GOP tax bill’s trickle-down ethic goes against God’s word

While trickle-down tax policies may be of dubious merit even on purely economic grounds, they are totally bankrupt spiritually. Trickle-down economics exalts human gods who… Continue reading

RFA isn’t providing savings promised to Lynnwood taxpayers

The headline for the front-page article of the Nov. 18 Herald read “Property tax promise sort of true.” In my opinion the headline should have… Continue reading

Second Amendment didn’t anticipate today’s arms

We have been looking the issues regarding gun control and assault weapons from the wrong angle. Gun enthusiasts are eager to quote the Second Amendment,… Continue reading

Grandmother thankful for loving grandkids

I am thankful for my grandson who works for the U.S. Postal Service. Many times during the day he hopes out of the truck, runs… Continue reading

Having gratitude for others enhances our lives

I am thankful for gratitude because it makes me focus on the positive and therefore enhances my life. I am thankful for people: People who… Continue reading

Providence guild’s volunteers make a difference

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and enter this joyful holiday season, I appreciate the opportunity to recognize the members of Providence General Children’s Association. Because we… Continue reading

Thankful for a Mom who made memories with kids

As my Mom grows older, our roles as mother and daughter are changing, like the ocean waves constantly reshaping the shoreline. I am thankful for… Continue reading

Thankful for care provided by Providence Breast Center

It is always important to take time to count one’s blessings. I think given the political tension that seems part of our national fabric this… Continue reading

Examples of ‘voter fraud’ didn’t involve voting

The Nov 11 letter to the editor captioned “Evidence of vopter fraud is out there,” is misleading. The examples in the letter itself deal with… Continue reading

GOP tax bill serves special interests over families

Last month Congress passed a budget that makes $4 trillion in cuts to programs, many of which boost our families. In fact, a quarter of… Continue reading