Troy Kelley didn’t act guilty with the money

I say Troy Kelley is not guilty (“Emails could provide answers at ex-state auditor’s new trial,” The Herald, Nov. 12). Kelley is in his second… Continue reading

What if we did away with borders worldwide?

Here’s a simplistic solution to the border wall. Let’s eliminate all borders on the continent. The American continent would have no borders between countries. I… Continue reading

Apply same fish and wildlife regulations to all

This letter is being written with the hope that lawmakers will become aware of what’s happening to our fish and wildlife. I was born and… Continue reading

Burke: A few leftover thoughts on Thanksgiving

What’s great about Thanksgiving is that it’s everyone’s holiday and is family oriented.

Editorial cartoons for Monday, Nov. 27

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Goal of ‘right to work’ legislation is to destroy unions

HR 785, the National Right-to-Work Act, 115th U.S. Congress (2017-2018), would remove certain sections of the National Labor Relations Act. The effect would be to… Continue reading

Good work by County Council to pass no-new-taxes budget

A huge thank you and congratulations to the Snohomish County Council members for working together and unanimously passing a bipartisan 2018 budget with no tax… Continue reading

Milbank: For most, nothing is going to change for women

Famous and powerful men will fall from high positions. But most women will still face harassment.

Thanks to Lake Stevens voters for EMS levy support

We would like to thank the Lake Stevens community for voting to pass a recent lid lift for our Emergency Medical Service program. EMS is… Continue reading

Commentary: GOP tax plan will make college more expensive

What the Republican tax plan will do to college students should worry every American parent.

Commentary: Ten years too long to allow economy to poke along

Federal tax reform will provide businesses, large and small, with capital to create and expand jobs.

Commentary: Two tips treated differently by state game agency

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife’s slow reaction to a poaching tip raises concerns.

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Nov. 26

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Lawmakers should end their public record exemption

By court decision or legislation, state lawmakers should be subject to the state’s transparency act.

Harrop: GOP tax ‘reform’ will hurt homeowners everywhere

Forget mortgage deductions; the middle class will be double-taxed and hit with high interest rates.

League supports 5-2 plan for Everett council districts

The draft memo on geographic representation for Everett City Council presented by Councilmember Paul Roberts to the Council on Nov. 11, has some serious flaws.… Continue reading

Parker: The transition from big boxes to small shops

The ‘human’ in human being is enjoying a revival as downtowns and small farms are revitalized.

President Trump has accomplished a great deal

Trump is on a roll. He has been received as a great leader in the Middle East and on his recent Asia trip. He has… Continue reading

Rep. Larsen’s super-delegate choice led to Trump presidency

In his Oct. 29 guest commentary, “Efforts continue to step back from nuclear brink,” David C. Hall said, “Rep. Rick Larsen .., is a truly… Continue reading

Robinson: Trump has to be held to same standard as others

If Congress is investigating its members’ conduct, it should look into the allegations against Trump.