Editorial: State lawmakers shouldn’t wait to start budget work

Making tough choices on cuts and revenue can’t wait until next year and hopes for better news.

Comment: Why you needn’t worry about cancel culture

Political correctness isn’t going away, but with so many avenues available, speech will find an outlet.

Harrop: America is not on fire, but it is sick

Desperate to divert attention, Trump bleats for ‘law and order’; he’s doing no one any favors, not even police.

Saunders: For Trump, government, officials there to serve him

Trump acts as if he owns the White House and treats professionals who value their good name like valets.

Logging and recreation in Reiter Foothills can coexist

On a recent Sunday, The Herald published a front-page article highlighting the desire of a local Gold Bar group to have 5,300 acres of Snohomish… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Sept. 3

A sketchy look at the news of the day.… Continue reading

Comment: Resistance keeping U.S. from succumbing to fascism

The divisions within America have kept it from following the course taken by Nazi Germany.

Comment: Restoring DOJ should be atop Biden’s Day 1 to-do list

Biden will need to restore credibility and professionalism; he should do so with two nonpartisan moves.

Editorial: Everett council should accept $6M to hire police

The federal grant is flexible enough to give the city the option to hire officers as it is able.

Commentary: Republicans only plan is to wait for a miracle

It’s not that the GOP doesn’t have a response to our challenges. It’s that its only response is Trump.

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Sept. 1

A sketchy look at the news of the day.… Continue reading

Graham: Anti-racism training needed; make sure it’s done right

As businesses look to build inclusive workplaces, care is needed in how that training proceeds.