Sending U.S. troops to Saudia Arabia invites war

Why in the world are we sending our troops to Saudi Arabia? The only reason appears as a way to work around no defense treaty… Continue reading

Time to quell our fears on return of grizzlies to N. Cascades

It is hard to imagine a less likely proponent of repatriating the grizzly population to its native North cascades range (“Plan for grizzly bears’ return… Continue reading

Viewpoints: The political paper chase

Presidents and Congress have long struggled over release of documents. But then, so did the Founders.

Democrats and Republicans, independents are watching you

Rick Walker of Snohomish in his letter to the editor (“This is how we became a divided nation,” The Herald, Sept. 24) writes: “So much… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, Sept. 28

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Petri: A handy guide for when somone offers quid for your quo

We all know quid pro quo is bad, especially on a nothing burger. Good thing it doesn’t happen often.

Schwab: With whistles blowing we get silence from Republicans

There isn’t a Republican anywhere who wouldn’t scream for impeachment if this were President Obama.

Can copper wiring be tagged to discourage theft

I have worked for public entities, and dealt with claims for property losses involving theft of copper wire. One of our losses exceeded $500,000. After… Continue reading

Does Trump listen to what he says about fathers and sons?

Regarding the whistleblower complaint being blocked by our commander in chief’s office. Somebody has evidence that our fearless leader went to the Ukrainian president to… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Friday, Sept. 27

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Gutting Endangered Species Act won’t save jobs

A suit by Washington and other states seeks to protect species that otherwise could face extinction.

Gerson: Impeachment is inevitable, regardless of the outcome

Trump has already pleaded guilty, but so used to the stench of corruption, he fails to recognize it.

Milbank: The other Trump scandal unraveling on Wednesday

Another House committee was told federal officials were looking the other way on the emoluments parade.

Mill Creek City Council: Steckler has served city well

John Steckler has the City Council liaison for the Arts and Beautification Board of Mill Creek for roughly 18 months and in that time I,… Continue reading

Snohomish Superior Court: Judge Okoloko proven, quality jurist

In my 39 years as a judge, I had the pleasure of serving with many good judges. A year ago, the governor selected Edirin Okoloko… Continue reading

Viewpoint: A century of conservation undermined

The Trump administration has weakened protections for migratory birds, many at risk for extinction.

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Sept. 26

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Work remains for Boeing, FAA on public trust

Faulty software is more easily fixed than the loss in confidence that followed two 737 Max crashes.

Harrop: GOP, now’s your chance to put country above party

Trump’s impeachment is now an issue of national security. Republicans have to join with Democrats.

McArdle: Risks for both parties as we edge toward impeachment

Republicans risk accepting the unacceptable. Democrats risk giving Trump the battle he wants.